Hi everyone, newcomer to the forum here.

Let's start with a short intro: I discovered MBTI and the enneagram a little over 4 years ago and have been interesting in it ever since. I used to be certain I was a 5, however certain events have led me to reconsider if I may not be a 6w5. I've tried doing my own research but most 6 descriptions seem to be SJ-oriented or heavily biased, so it wasn't very conclusive.

For reference, I'm an INTP and my instinctual stack is sp/so. I'm sure of those things and have been for a while, but I can't blame any potential skeptic who'd read this so I took the Jung personality test from one of the stickied threads before writing this thread, and this was my result: Ti > Ne > Te = Si > Ni > Fe > Se > Fi.

I also come from an abusive home. I won't elaborate on details, but it shaped who I am and I'm not the healthiest person, which probably makes typing harder. Whichever type I am, I suspect my wing is very strong.

Also a fair warning, I'm fresh out of an all-nighter as I write this and my thoughts are a bit disorganized, so apologies if some things are unclear or don't make sense.

Type 5 traits I relate to:
- Very rich inner world. I can spend hours daydreaming.
- I love problem solving and analyzing. I've been called very analytical and a nerd more times than I can count.
- Extremely independent. I don't like how demanding other people and social relationships are. I've never dated and don't plan to. I'll probably end up a crazy cat lady and that's fine by me. I hate asking for help and will always solve my problems alone except as a very last resort.
- I value logic above all things and find overly emotional people (including the 6s I know) tiring and puzzling.
- Emotionally constipated. I find saying things like "thank you" or asking for help very hard because it makes me feel open and vulnerable (although I guess that could be a 6 trait?).
- Uneasy in social situations. I used to be clumsier with social skills, now I can fake it til I make it but it's still exhausting. I especially dislike small talk. I'll be superficially friendly but withdraw first chance I get.
- I'm unconventional in quite a few aspects (mostly social expectations). I don't want friends, romance or to create my own family, and I don't care what people have to say about those subjects. I used to not care one bit about my looks either, but that changed sometime when I was 17-18. I'm still far from a fashion victim, hate shopping with a passion, and applying foundation and mascar is the extent of my make-up skills, but I'm not completely uncaring/unaware of how I come off either.

Type 6 traits I relate to:
- I've been told I give off a lot of nervous energy, even when I feel calm. I also put up a friendlier front than 5s supposedly do and don't feel as detached from the world and absent-minded as them.
- I panic easily and I always have. I'll try not to show it, but I'm easily overwhelmed especially if something unexpected happens. I prefer having a routine and knowing what to expect at all times. When in a pinch, I either rationalize or evade to my inner fantasy world depending on how stressed I feel.
- I love feeling safe. I wouldn't mind having a job I dislike my whole life if it paid well. I also used to be a real scaredy cat but I've gotten better.
- I can be a bit of a stickler for rules at times. Not nearly as much as my SJ friends and I don't mind bending them if they're illogical, but enough that it'll make my SP family member roll their eyes in annoyance.
- I constantly switch between defiant and authoritative (borderline tyrannical at times – I'm working on it) and reluctantly submissive depending on who I'm dealing with. I'm often fairly aware of power structures in social circles even if I don't always respect them.
- This is a part of me that I really despise, but I can be a suck-up at times when it comes to people who are above me hierarchically. I used to be a teacher's pet, and even in the workplace I try to please my colleagues and boss. It's good to feel appreciated and have my competence acknowledged. I have a very paradoxical relationship with authority and I don't deal well with injustice.
- While I love learning and am fairly curious, I don't really care about knowledge for knowledge's sake. I like learning things that I can use later, not necessarily in a practical manner but for example to add to a theory or a principle I've heard of. I can't relate to the "get lost on wikipedia" stereotype.
- I prefer hearing others' opinions before making my own. I alternate between trusting my own mind only and still checking out what people have to say about a certain matter. Plus it's interesting seeing different points of view for a same subject.

??? traits:
- I value both security and knowledge but couldn't tell you which one I favor over the other.
- Very distrustful and cynical. Sarcasm is my favored method of communication, I don't even have to think about it, it just comes out.
- If forced to work in a team and no one else volunteers to be the leader (or they're not reliable), I will reluctantly take on the role. I won't enjoy it one bit (and I'll probably offer to let me do the whole thing alone if possible) but it's still the least stressful option to me.

Any input is appreciated. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to answer.