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    Quote Originally Posted by Bismuth Blitz View Post
    Hi guys, I'm getting confused about my type. If there was such thing as a SiFiNeTe, I feel like that would be me nowadays.

    I just feel super Si. I like weird and novel things, but it's usually hard for me to get out of my comfort zone. I'm very attuned to past stuff, like I rely on past experiences a lot and have a famously good memory(remembering old conversations, numbers, food orders, random stuff) . I love anything nostalgic and I'll listen to the same music for a long time before finding new songs. Even my dreams are usually about past stuff. I have trouble moving on in life because of being scared of losing things. And even though I love being creative, I just feel like my imagination falls flat(like I rely on past experiences when trying to create something). I have(stereotypically) Si interests I'd say-food, health, crafts, history. I usually watch slice of life shows or historical stuff rather than supernatural shows or fantasy.

    But I think I'm more Fi. Like I'm a very introspective person and I spend a lot of time processing my feelings, finding my identity and what my place is. I love being individualistic and expressing myself in everything I do. I have my set of values that I try to follow, and I just came up with them by myself, didn't really learn them from anyone. My feelings run deep but I definitely don't wear my heart on my sleeve. So yeah, I don't feel that Fe. It's possible I could be cause I think about my decisions affect people a lot, but I think that's my 9 as I do it to keep peace.

    So yeah, am I looping, or could I secretly be an ISFJ? I guess Si-Fi could make me an ISTJ but I don't feel that Te. And if you have any insights just seeing me around the forum you can say.
    I smell a healthy Si. You really sound like a sweet little bunny 9w1 ISFJ with big eyeballs. I did some internet stalking (I'm helping ya, I expect a thank you ), but here's a neat description about an ISFJ 9 (well according to this person).
    Do you relate?
    Cinderella is the best example of this combo. Her motto? To have courage and be kind. She’s idealistic, like the 9. Wants to believe the best in others. Finds it hard to accept others’ unkindness and cruelties, but only rarely stands up for herself – she chooses her moment with care, and in the end, chooses to forgive her stepmother her many evils, because to do otherwise would both go against her 1 wing (her moral center, and convictions) and her internal sense of peace – any resentment or lingering hurt, she lets go of, because it doesn’t keep her in a state of internal happiness (9). 9′s are unfailingly forgiving. That’s the beautiful thing about them. But they also tolerate too much, and ISFJs are prone to doing that. A sense of family loyalty is usually behind it, stemming from Si’s “this is how it’s always been” and Fe’s “but I must put others first.”

    Fe + 9 can also have problems mirroring others feelings too much, and failing to forge their own kind of identity. They are also the type most prone to not changing anything about their life until it becomes unbearable, because they do not have much “forward drive.” Si becomes comfortable and 9 + inferior Ne prefers to daydream and fantasize rather than take direct action, which can be scary (disrupting the 9′s inner peace).
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    There is such a thing as SiFi.
    There is no such thing as looping.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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