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Thread: hi type my bf

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    Default hi type my bf

    male, 18
    BTW this is how I, an ESTJ see him
    - he said he's an ambivert BUT imo he's an introvert
    - he has not many friends, most of them are his classmates or were his classmates, i know him for 7 months and as far i know he hasn't made friends with anyone except of me
    - and he's pretty shy - before we became friends i've noticed that he wants to get to know me, but he had no idea how to do so. I was the one who asked him to go out together
    - reads books, not made up stories but real things like black holes (stephen hawking's fan) and chernobyl
    - he has dreams, not goals. why i think so? he lacks motivation and gives up easily so he can't accomplish his goals
    - gets frustrated if he can't take care of u (aww) he wants you to feel good!!
    - not so open for experiences...... one of many differences between us. I would try out diets or watch something out of curiosity and he would do it only because I forced him to do so
    - u have to ask him things because he wouldnt tell you anything. he doesnt talk much about himself
    - can't attract people lol (i mean we both have shitpost pages but his page isn't as popular or generally liked by others XD)
    - indirect!! speech!! because he doesnt want to come off as rude or forceful or something (meanhwile i would just say it bluntly lol)

    idk what else, ask me

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    More info about what exactly he likes about the activities he does and how he thinks would be helpful, but that's not always easy to get out of a person. It mostly requires observation.

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    Typing by a self-made description is hard enough, but typing by a description from someone else is very, very speculative,

    But you do mention quite a bit of Fe-related stuff. Caring, indirect speech. Probably introverted due to various obvious things.

    So IxFJ. IxFJ is likely to come across as "ambiverted" because Fe is the most social function (but also the most socially anxious function).

    I can't see anything to make the Ni vs Si call with.

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