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    Default I just hate being an INTP sometimes.

    I 've constantly tried to prevent my thoughts from focusing on this matter, but they always keep coming back at me. I'm not comfy with the idea of being put into a category of a predefined type, especially the Architect. I feel affected by the idea of having my limits exposed to me, but I nevertheless find it fascinating that thing which is typology.

    I've tried identifying with other typed, maybe for the sheer excitiment from getting my ideas revaluated about this matter; about my self-image. So much that in fact I would like someone to tell me I'm not that type as hard as it is to believe...

    I know for a fact that I resonate with the INTP more than any other type I maybe associated. At least from what I've read. Does anyone here feel the same about himself?
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    I guess you just have to recall that typology isn't an identity, just a tool that some people use for self learning or fun. It's not really meant to be taken that seriously. Having your "limits exposed" is shortselling your own potential, in the end these letters we play around with mean nothing. There's danger in identification, you make yourself. It doesn't make sense to only view people solely through archetypes if you actually wish to acquire knowledge about yourself or others.

    Nonerheless, if it does really make you feel that bad, it might be important to analyze why it does and perhaps you can find a way to find solice within yourself. And also like, don't do typology if it only detriments your self image and convinced you of limits you don't have?
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    I dig your raw honesty. Please stick around and post more.
    And yes, you aren't alone. It may be a sign that you are on the right track (or depressed, or both, which is okay).
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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    I kinda relate, I'm probably an INTP "in denial" as some might say (lol). INTPs are portrayed as some combination of genius+nerd like they're an Einstein neckbeard that loves coming up with the best things of all time and also loves Star Wars and LotR and plays WoW 24/7 and is like at the highest rankings in LoL or something.

    I relate to INTP, like I, N, T and P, even though I've got F as my type here right now. I just don't really want to be INTP. I read about them and yeah a lot of it fits, also ILI fits in Socionics so there's that, but the whole "Ti" dom thing is just a no from me, it doesn't click. The whole function stack thing doesn't really do it for me.

    I know on some level I'm in denial, I'm probably not an F type am probably a T type, I get that. I'm an introvert in the usual ways introversion is understood but I question this sometimes because ENTP is a good fit for me, I think I can get pretty E and when I'm playing at jam sessions and open mics etc and playing video games with friends etc I can have a good time and genuinely enjoy it and not want to rush home immediately, I also think my intuition is extroverted sometimes but eh. I also have a bit of fun on internet forums asking questions and helping people out or whatever.

    It's weird how I'd be cool with ENTP, I'd be cool with INFP, but I'm not cool with INTP or ENFP. Something about it's probably correct, my first ever 16personalities result was for INTP iirc, but something about it just feels wrong.
    It's like if I'm an INxP type, INFP fits better. If I'm an xNTP type, ENTP fits better. I don't know. Probably in denial who cares anyway - just keep that in mind, nobody cares about your type so whatever.
    But INTP v INFP, INTP loses to INFP for me in basically every descriptor. Likewise for INTP v ENTP. The ENTP descriptions relate more. INFP and ENTP aren't remotely similar types so what's up with that. I don't really care about my type though, never really have. It's kinda fun to learn about it all but IDGAF about me or my type.
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    Yeah, I can relate. INTP is my best fitting MBTI type, but it doesn't encapsulate who I am as a person because of the limitations of the MBTI. At this point, I'm no longer inclined to say "I am an INTP".

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you want to label or not label yourself as INTP, that's your call. Just don't take any of the type theory as prescriptive of how you're supposed to be.
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