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    Default What type am I? ENFP? ESFP? ISFP? Or something else?

    Hey, I’m new here and I’m just trying to figure out my type. I’ve been going back and forth with this now for many months. I think I’ve gained a good understanding of the functions for the most part but I’m struggling to really pin myself down as to what functions I use the most. I’ve considered ENTP, INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFJ, ESFP, ISFP, and ESTP. I find myself to lean more Fi-Te than Fe-Ti but really anything is pretty much possible in terms of what type I am. I’m more undecided on if I’m Ne-Si or Se-Ni. Let me describe myself so you can get a good understanding of how I am. First off, I’m 19 and male. Ok so now into my traits.

    Good traits about me:

    - I’m usually really funny and people have told me I could be a comedian (which is something I’m still considering). I’m also really good at impersonating because it’s almost like I unconsciously pick up on peoples mannerisms, expressions, ways, quirks, and vocal tones without even trying.
    - I’m also witty. For example, I can almost always think of something funny and humorous to say without even trying. I’m also trying to become an actor and my coaches always praise my ability to have very quick improvisational skills in both my actions (movement) and my words (dialogue).
    - I’m also kind. It’s very easy for me to put myself into other peoples shoes and to sympathize and empathize with where other people come from. I do genuinely care about how others are feeling but often I struggle to tell them how much I care. I do also really care about humanitarian and societal causes and I greatly admire the humanitarian work that Robin Williams and Michael Jackson both did. I would love to be able to make as big of an impact as either one of them did. I just really care about humanity, society, my family, friends, strangers, and virtually anyone I come across. However, when I dislike someone I really don’t like them.
    - This one is pretty shallow but my looks and style. I’ve always been considered really attractive and handsome by girls. I feel like I know what looks good and what doesn’t look good, although what’s attractive to me is typically what looks unique and not ordinary. People that know me well find my tastes to be kind of odd. For example, there may be a girl everyone thinks is beautiful, but I will think she’s just kind of bland or that there’s nothing “special” or “unique” looking about her. I’m also pretty stylish and that tends to be somewhat different to what is normally viewed as stylish.
    - I’m pretty intelligent. I’ve always been pretty good at school without trying. I went through all of elementary-high school with all A’s, B’s, and only a few C’s without even trying or studying. I just spent most of class goofing off as the class clown but I could still somehow remember and learn what I needed to without having to pay attention. Plus I’m a super quick learner.
    - I’m also fun. I’m just a fun person to be around in general. People always have a better and funner time whenever I’m around. I’m not necessarily always the life of the party, but when I am I really am the life of it. I do believe as well that it’s noticeable when my presence is absent. Mainly because when I’m on, going strong, and people put money in my jukebox I become the craziest and funnest person ever. When I’m off though I’m really off.
    - I’m known to be insightful. People tell me I’m good at understanding people and situations very well. I don’t always view myself as super insightful but I other people see it in me. Ultimately, this is one of my traits I struggle more to understand in myself.
    - I’m pretty creative and imaginative. I love film, music, and anything creative. I’ve taken a foosball top that had no table and created the table myself. I have a movie journal book with tons of story ideas for films that I come up with by listening to film scores. I’ve made some funny and comedic videos before and wrote some songs and poems before too although I wouldn’t say I love songwriting or poetry. I have done some traditional artwork before but I wouldn’t say I’m really into it. I’m working currently at acting and it’s something I really love.

    Bad traits about me:

    - I tend to hold myself back. I have a strong tendency to hold myself back from doing things to my full ability. I think it’s mainly because I feel bad when I do better then other people and I usually just do what I need to do to get by. I do become competitive when I really want to win at something though, but most of the time I just don’t care about a lot of things and I can be kind of passive. I mainly just care about keeping the fun and enjoying myself. My parents also view me as very passive and I’ve always not been very naturally aggressive unless I’m provoked or in a situation when aggression is necessary.
    - I tend to lack motivation. I just find it extremely hard to get motivated and get things done. I tend to put things off until there’s no choice but to do them. Most people in my family view me as lazy and I driven. It kind of annoys me that that’s the perception, but in honesty it’s really pretty true.
    - I also lack discipline. I just generally don’t care about getting things done or doing what it takes to accomplish things. I also don’t really care about rules that much. It’s not that I go against them but I just don’t really care to follow them. I would get in trouble a lot as a kid because I would always ask “why” whenever I was told to do anything.
    - l lack consistency. I just don’t stay consistent with anything. I’ve always been viewed as super fickle. I just get bored with doing things routinely. I can’t stick to any routine ever. My dad gets annoyed because I don’t work out much because I just can’t stick to a routine and schedule for it. I may randomly workout for a day and then never workout for weeks. Basically anything that is routine, scheduled, preplanned, and consistent bore me. Then I lose motivation to continue in those things.
    - I’m extremely impatient and impulsive. I hate to wait for anything. I hate lines and reservations. I either want to immediately get what I desire or what feel like doing, and if I can’t instantly get it or do it then I just lose all interest. Then I just move on to something else I want to get or do and go with that.
    - I’m a big over-thinker. It’s weird because when I was kid I wasn’t as bad at overthinking but now I really struggle with it. Essentially I’m not really a man of action. I don’t just bullheadedly jump into anything. I’m always somewhat hesitant before I get into things.
    - I struggle with confidence. I’m always worried with how people are thinking of me and perceiving me. I’m concerned with wether people like me or don’t like me. If I’m being too mean or too nice. If I’m acting to tough or soft. I’m just extremely concerned with the impression I give people.
    - I really hate confrontation, conflict, and being aggressive. I’m just not good at exerting myself over others unless I have a reason too. I’m not weak. I’m close to a black belt in karate and played football and other sports for a decade. However, I always find it hard to be “mean” and aggressive with others unless they have already done something to me. This isn’t always good though because it makes me seem too passive and like an rug that can be walked all over. Despite this though when someone really does something to me and I’ve had enough I can really become super aggressive and really beat someone up and hold my own psychically.

    Why I may be E>I:

    - I had a ton of friends in high school and I was pretty popular
    - When I was a kid I would seek out friends
    - I’m more happy being in the world than in my head
    - I’m usually energetic and high energy
    - I can gain energy by being with people
    - My friends used to get annoyed I’d never shut up
    - I’m kinda outgoing

    Why I may be I>E:

    - I do enjoy alone time
    - I only sought people out as a kid but I don’t tend to seek people out anymore
    - I do spend a lot of time in my own world
    - Small talk is annoying and boring to me
    - I can gain energy being alone
    - I’m a good listener and people naturally open up to me even if I don’t know them much
    - I’m pretty shy and I’m quiet with people I don’t know that much

    Why I may be S>N:

    - I seek out immediate pleasure and stimulation
    - I don’t always understand abstract thinking
    - I don’t enjoy debating or analyzing theories
    - I don’t spend time fantasying about weird ideas like “lollipops from planet Nillunia coming to Earth to take us over”
    - I enjoy actually doing and experiencing things
    - When I was young I seemed in the moment

    Why I may be N>S:

    - I’m always focused on “what’s next”
    - I can think abstractly, like fantasy/make-believe, and can have my heads in the clouds
    - I like exploring theories about creatures and myths
    - I enjoy coming up with wacky and weird jokes with my odd sense of humor
    - I don’t carry out most of my ideas and fantasies because they mainly stay an idea
    - I don’t really ever feel completeness invested in the moment because something else is always be in my mind

    In terms of F vs. T and P vs. J I’m pretty certain I’m an FP type but feel free to offer anything you think I may be. The only thing T-like about me is I often enjoy pushing people’s buttons and gently annoying them for laughs. It’s always very playful and more like teasing though.

    Now for the functions.

    Why I may be Ne>Ni:

    - I make connections between things that seem unrelated, and something always reminds me of something else
    - I’m a poor planner
    - My thoughts are random and not orderly
    - I easily lose focus
    - My mind is always active and going 100 miles per hour
    - Some of my jokes are based on “what if’s”
    - I’m not always great at predicting how things will go

    Why I may be Ni>Ne:

    - My imagination comes in internal visions that play like a movie
    - I’m good with cause and effect and knowing how doing certain things impact what will happen in the future
    - I like to focus on deciding which direction to take for my future
    - There are times when I can really focused on one thing and I don’t want to drift away from it at all
    - I like to try to narrow down my options even though I always end up considering more
    - Some of my jokes are based on knowing how others will react
    - I can sometimes predict certain things or at least how an idea of how it’ll play out

    Why I may be Si>Se:

    - I can remember how things were
    - Things I see or do can remind me of things I’ve seen or done before
    - To some degree I like certain things staying the same if I feel no need to change it
    - I struggle with change that I didn’t create
    - I have a somewhat decent memory

    Why I may be Se>Si:

    - I love to be doing things and get restless easy
    - Slow people really annoy me because I’m always moving and going fast
    - I don’t really care much about the past at all
    - I like to create my own change and I find it fun
    - I absolutely hate sitting still unless I’m doing something while I’m sitting

    Thanks to anyone who reads this whole thing. Sorry for the length. Please comment what type you think I am based off all of this.

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    You're probably no longer browsing this forum, but I'll give it a shot. I love trying.

    I like Ti as a function here, or just high up Thinking.

    Fe seems good as well, and Si.

    ENTP seems good, but I wouldn't throw out ESTP.

    Er'ybody come in and tell me I'm wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by awbro View Post
    You're probably no longer browsing this forum, but I'll give it a shot. I love trying.

    I like Ti as a function here, or just high up Thinking.

    Fe seems good as well, and Si.

    ENTP seems good, but I wouldn't throw out ESTP.

    Er'ybody come in and tell me I'm wrong
    Since he probably wont read us ever, I prefer to not extend the discussion.
    I think he seems ENFP to me. If he ever gets back I could say why.
    Likes awbro liked this post

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    - None


    Impersonating? you are an artist.
    Comedy. The type with a good sense of humor is Fe.

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