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    Default Understanding Cognitive Functions and Getting My Type Correct

    Hi everyone!
    Im confused about my type. I apologize beforehand as I have had the common misconception between INFJ and INFP. So rather than explain how I always test as these, I was wondering if someone could help me please figure out my type through explanation of myself.

    1. I am a quiet person who is apt to avoid conflict. I tend to please people, but I've learned to say no the past four years and am becoming more comfortable about it. Surprisingly enough, the people I may say no to are still amiable and want to hang out.
    2. even though I'm quiet and a vet people pleaser, I enjoy people's company, though I may like to sit in the background sometimes if they're playing a board game and I just want to watch. Other times I'll still engage.
    3. when an event happens, it will often trigger a similar past event. For example I could see someone picking me up and I will remember I was picked up by someone and without asking precisely who they were (it was for a car rental service) I immeditetly just assumed that was someone I could trust and I got in the car.
    4. i don't believe in shallowness, or at least I hold myself to that standard. I used to be self righteous about this ideology and I would obsess over Beauty and the Beast type of stories. However, I've come to realize not everyone thinks that way, so I'm more patient and don't act snobbishly to something I might THINk is shallow. I still love beauty and the beast type stories though ;D
    5. my hobbies include reading and writing, but I need there to be a purpose, moral or application to the story.
    6. I feel the same way about my career choice. I feel I had to go into something purposeful that would help people. So I chose special education (which is not for me to brag about, I'm just explaining the situation) not only this but I really enjoy my job. Something people often tell me is that my calm, quiet, and patient demeanor helps thing to not escalate in the classroom.
    7. when I'm going through stress, I try to do meditation, walking in nature. Or journaling.

    i hope this description helps! If you need further information or clarification, I'm happy to do so.
    thanks in advance!

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    ISFJ 9w1

    The Si is clearly there, as is the Fe. I don't see Ni/Ne anywhere.

    Tritype likely has a 2w1 fix as well. Unsure of the head type.

    Hope this helps.
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    At first reading your post like you like to please people, You look like ISFJ. But, since you tell us that when in stress, you try to do meditation, walking in nature, I hesitate that you may be not an ISFJ.
    Pleasing people for a sensor type is more action oriented.
    You can be an INFJ since you are obsessed with story like beauty and the beast, and have a reading and writing as a hobby.
    INFJ like Carl Jung is reported like to read myth.
    Can you tell us more about yourself?

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