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    If the opportunity arises then feel free to count me in.

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    I want in!
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    I'm in! I recently posted a thread with some of my writing, i can share the rest and do the interview .

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    Due to the nature of our conversation and how personal it got, I'm going to elect not to post the transcript. I hope you guys can understand why, when talking about deep rooted issues, sometimes it's better not to put things out in the open.

    After rereading our talk, I conclude that Forelsket's/Norrsken's typing is 2w1 1w9 6w7 sx/sp, the only difference between my original verdict being the order. There is a huge, giant overarching theme in Forelsket's fears and goals: to be loved. And not just to be loved, but to be inspired and wanted and protected. Discussions of their childhood reveal to me that like most e1s, there is an unfair standard that they had to live up to in order to maintain peace and self confidence as well. To summarize Forelsket's life goal emotion wise, it's "to be good enough to be loved and loyal to", which to a trained enneagram eye reads as 216. Intimacy is at the top priority for Forelsket and self preservation seems to be the defense mechanism that kicks in whenever needed, thus I conclude so last.

    I would also like to note that 4 is the area of growth for 2s, and I think this leads to a mistype for this person.

    And I guess it's inflation, but damn it's hard to value my two cents
    As a kid I was idolizing millionaires and all the presidents

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