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    Default Hi. Can you help me? It's been a couple of years since I've known about all this, but

    Hi. It's been a couple of years since I've known about all this, but I still couldn't find my type. I've always tried my chances at Reddit. Over the years I've been typed as INTJ, INTP, INFP, ISFP, INFJ and ENFP. I always had conflictions, too emotional-warm for INTJ, too logical in terms of decision making for INFP/ISFP etc. I want to finish this and come to a conclusion, I've put a lot effort in this and I sincerely appreciate anyone taking their time to help me.

    I also want to add that English is not my native language and that I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    Here is my Reddit userpage if my post history would be useful for this, ChoiceManufacturer

    I will answer two questionnaires. The first one is John's Personality Test. The second one is from here.

    I've had problems with tests. On top of being too vague to answeri I think they disregard many things and most of the time give invalid results, so I commented on each question.

    John's Personality Test

    Typologycentral questionnaire will be ready in a minute.
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    1. What is beauty? What is love?

    Beauty is what appealing is. To the eye, to the ear, to the mind. Love is experienced and expressed as something magical, but on the logical side, it is nothing but hormones and the mind working together.

    2. What are your most important values?

    I want to be succesful, I don't want to disappoint the ones who I deeply care. This my minimum threshold. Although in general, I want to find a meaning and a purpose for my life, I want to find out my truth and what I'm meant to do and be.

    3. Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?

    I don't have any beliefs, I'm an atheist, but I have obsessions, illogical necessities. When everything in my life is going well or when I'm grateful something is the way it is, I fear that it might not contiune that way and as a result of that, I thank the universe.

    4. Opinion on war and militaries? What is power to you?

    War is foolish and crazy, unnecessary when inspected only by itself. People don't have to die, I personally want equality for all. I think that the government should serve the people and not vice-versa. I'm disgusted by the top %1, because I can't be them to be honest. However, that world of equality will never happen as well as the world peace. So when "war" is inspected as a whole, it becomes a necessity, what needs to be done, needs to be done in order to achieve the desired goal. If we look at it from a bird's eye view, if the risk calculations were made correctly, and casualties are calculated to be "worth" it, 100.000 people be it our side or the enemy's, dying every year because of war is nothing to be compared to the advantage it will bring over the enemy. Ultimately, world peace would be better, everyone cooperating to improve the humanity would be better.

    5. What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests? Why?

    Long conversations, speculating about universe or any phenomenon in general such as human behaviour, conspiracy or technology and speculating about how something works and finding an explanation for it.

    My interests are spending my all day in front of the computer, imagining extremely realistic video games (not in terms of graphics), cyberpunk universes, simulation games, composing music, finding interesting things and learning about them, imagining situations that will never happen, thinking about how my life would be different if I did x, instead of y.

    6. Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?

    I actually am/was interested in medicine. I like reading about symptoms of different diseases. Neurology and psychology interests me also. One of my most fun activites is guessing what type of disease someone has, asking them questions, finding the problem etc. Obviously I'm not that knowledgeable but, it's an activity I like to do none the less. I couldn't say that I'm focused on my body, other than occasionally inspecting it.

    7. What do you think of daily chores?

    They are too much work. I'm very irresponsible on this matter. I even hate going to the bathroom to relieve myself.

    8. Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome.

    Blade Runner. Mad Max. Maze Runners. Amadeus is my personal favourite. The Clockwork Orange.

    9. What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?

    Hachiko made me cry, for sure. There is a manga called "I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year". Sometimes the impending uncertainty of my future when I haven't set it up, when I have no purpose, no meaning, no goals, nothing. That made me cry once. These are all rare occasions.

    10. Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense of belonging?

    A sense of belonging and familiarity in my environment is better for me.

    11. What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?

    I don't show a lot of weakness. Nothing I can think of at the moment. What I dislike about myself: Neurotic, depressive, takes too much time to consider everything, really unsure to take action and defenseless when the information is not accurate. Sometimes, when something bad happens to someone, I know I'm supposed to feel bad but I think "It's not my fault, or my problem" and then feel guilty because I'm supposed to feel bad, although I see this one as something I can overcome.

    12. What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?

    My father really likes how I make decisions and plan ahead. I personally think that I can render a lot of information when I only have one tiny piece. That makes me seem a lot more knowledgeable than I am, in reality it is only interpretation/intuition. I like my possibility to success, I believe I have what it takes.

    13. In what areas of your life would you like help?

    I would want principles that I've prepared for every bad situation, mostly emotionally. I would like to get help on motivation. I dislike people trying to give me emotional support when I'm low, I want solutions.

    14. Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.

    Routine is fine for me. I have my best ways of doing every thing. It is the best, so why would I change them? Doing the same things everyday, that sucks but I'm used to do it, I'm used to accept that life will be monotone. My fear is for the future, when I get a job, create a family, 9/5, become another slave.

    15. What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?

    I feel comfortable around people who are confident, and the people who doesn't need emotional support. I feel the most awkard/uncomfortable around people with ESFJ traits, they being so natural at conversations, movements. I just stare blankly, and can't really attune with them.

    16. How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?

    Intelligent, mature, not too pretentious but not too jiggly/bubbly, needs to know when to be serious.

    17. If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?

    I want him/her to be prepared for the world. I was rather raised with more Fe, if that makes sense. I was always told to behave differently with different people, so in a way people would like me, so that I don't become the odd one. Being an introvert as well, in my family's view that was something to be shunned. They thought there was something wrong with me, because I didn't want to interact with people as much as they do. It pisses me of, that. I had problems, still have, adjusting to the social environment, even though my parent's constant forcing of social norms/rules, how to behave, the thought that I need to be better with people were affecting me negatively, it payed off eventually, I'm not as worse as before. I've come a long way.

    I was always told that I should be good to people no matter what, help everyone and listen what my elders have to say. That's the number one bullshit I hate the most. It was a brutal and a long road dissmissing this doctrine out of my mind. I don't want my children to experience all of this. I want him/her to be thick-skinned. This is one of the reasons I don't think I'm INTJ, I see myself as more emotional than an INTJ, more of a talker also. I didn't have much friends throughout my life but I was not always as introverted as I am right now. This is one of the conflicts that I have. In middle school I talked a lot, I was a people pleaser (I think that's because of my family), and pretty much said everything that came to my mind and in return got bullied a lot. I had to learn the social environment the hard way. I will not let this happen to my children.

    18. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?

    If I see him being wrong, I can't stop myself from arguing to convince him that he is wrong, but mostly if I don't care about this person's thoughts, I don't act on it. If it is not something I defend strongly or this person doesn't consider hard facts. The latter makes me furious. People mostly laugh at flat earthers and anti vaxxers, I just can't stand them and get really angry.

    19. Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.

    I don't think I can be fully myself socially. I don't like people because they are ruthless, are hypocrites, are low. I can't stand people who talk about social media, their boyfriends, girlfriends etc. all day.

    Social problem. Seeing someone familiar in the street, being not too close to say hi, but not too distant to ignore. People I don't know coming to my social group.

    20. How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?

    I mostly hide my real thoughts and feelings around pretty much everyone. I don't open up easily. I want to, I want to find someone who will understand, but I can't see anyone worthy of to remove my wall.

    It's mostly jokes and insults to each other.

    21. How do you behave around strangers?

    Brief, but warm (that I had to learn over time).
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    • I enjoy learning while interacting with people on an intellectual level. I like to think out loud, share my ideas. I mostly enjoy it when people show me different ideas regarding a problem, and ask me to speculate.
    • I am most energized by people who challenge me mentally, on problems, not when they ask what I think about "love" or other concepts. I need to find my thoughts, and need a long time when asked such a question, but not when asked about problems.
    • I memorize best by repetition, but I'm not like this regarding learning theories. It's only sufficient to understand in order to remember.
    • I like to give fun facts about things when I'm in a good mood, how they have come to be, their history, their facts when I see the opportunity.
    • I can't stop correcting when I know that I know better.
    • I'm mesmerized by scientists, doctors, people who are really intelligent and knowledgeable in general.
    • I'm proud of my ability to stay calm in extreme/risky/difficult situations, I'm proud of my ability to calculate quickly to do what's best to do instantly, in that current situation.
    • I like to organize my environment into categories and tidy it up. When I'm in a bad place emotionally, I don't do it.
    • I like to be alone in the crowd, I feel the need to stay connected to humanity, not because I'm not enjoying being alone, having few friends, it's because when I'm too alone, I feel like my thoughts are driving me to insanity. Because of mental disorders, I introspect too much, and the world outside is a distraction from them.
    • I was always good at language tests, interpreting something's meaning, idioms etc.
    • When I have too much ideas on one subject, I need to organize and reduce them to the truth.
    • I'm good at bullshitting, talking nonsene, finding new/nonsensical words, creating completely nonsensical stories in an instant.
    • I'm a pessimist.
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    Why am I not getting anwsers? I thought I've provided a good set of facts and answers for deducing my type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoiceManufacturer View Post
    Why am I not getting anwsers? I thought I've provided a good set of facts and answers for deducing my type.
    You are a type 5. Well many posts remain in the air, c'est la vie !

    Maybe they didn't answer that because you wrote (the last line) : I'm pessimistic.
    As a conclusion people may think you'll be a pain in the ass if they give you their opinion on your type.
    Okay I may be talking about myself but there is a truth here : When people are lazy (yes, this can happen as well) they generally start reading the last line.
    And they stop.

    Most of the time they would love to, but see how the brain works, it is tricky. Humans are made this way...

    Dare observing your shadows (50 shades of darkness) for your own well-being Unfortunately we are all fucking contagious Smile and see what happens around you......
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    Perhaps INTP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caribelle View Post
    Perhaps INTP...
    Hi. Why, could you elaborate. I've read about functions and dichtotomies regarding Socionics, I've come to the conclusion that I'm an INTJ, I'm fairly sure, %75.

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