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    Default Hello INFP 4w5 Aspie

    Hello everyone, i've been interested for more than a year now about peronsality types, after lot of hesitation i'am now sure of being INFP(socionics INFj) and 4w5 for the enneagram. I'am still looking for instinctual variants and tritype (469 most probably, maybe 479).

    I feel the need to understand myself deeply because i always felt different and lacking what other people seems to have easily.
    Also when young i was put in a special school for troubled child without understanding why. Growing up facing social anxiety i ended being diagnosticed with Asperger's however i doubted it in the first place because it seems that autism tends to be a trend nowadays, like ADHD was in the 90's, so i gathered courage and went back to my school to find the psychologist who were in charge then. I'am 27 so it was more than 20 years ago.

    I finally found that i actually presented PDD and different psychotic anxieties as a child and that the diganostic of autism is very likely to be accurate, even thought it might rather be atypical autism than strickly Asperger's.. Well all of this is very confusing. Just saying the better description that ever described me were enneagram type 4 and mbti's Fi. So at least i know a little bit about myself and why i struggle so much. My utlimate goal would be to understand myself in deep in order to be able to help other people suffering the same anxieties whatever would be the name related to them. As i see most psychologist to be complety incompetent about it.

    Also i posted a post in Instinctual variant sub-type of enneagram section, but there was a quick message that i havent time to read, but i couldn't find my post nowhere. I tried twice but same thing happened, do any one have a clue about it?


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    Look up Attachment Styles too and codependency.

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    Welcome to Type OC @Kerozen. I'm Jack, please to meet you, I hope you find what you're seeking ^_^ Please let me know if I may be of service.
    I am the Cat who walks by themself; and all places are alike to me...

    For the cat is cryptic,
    and close to strange things which men cannot see.
    They are the soul of antique Aegyptus,
    and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir.
    They are the kin of the jungle’s lords,
    and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa.
    The Sphinx is their cousin, and they speak her language;
    but they are more ancient than the Sphinx,
    and remember that which she hath forgotten...

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