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Thread: Hi. Type me?

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    Default Hi. Type me?


    I recently discovered Jungian Typology through my friend who reads a ton of articles on this typology. She thinks I am an INFJ or INTJ.

    I filled out user Mayflower’s questionnaire at this link:
    Questionnaire Compilation Thread

    Be prepared for some wordiness. I know it’s long. It was a pain to edit.

    Hello! This is a questionnaire that attempts to discern one's type by analyzing one's focus in everyday situations.

    1. During your youth (7'ish to 18), What did you focus on the most? What activities did you like and why? What aspect of life was lax in attention?

    2. You're in you senior year of high school (or whatever equivalent) and you are looking back over the last couple of years. What was your favorite aspect of the schooling experience and why? Favorite subject and why?

    3. A couple of friends call and invite you out to a restaurant. While there, you all are pleasantly conversing and one of your friends makes a comment that irked you. What are you're thoughts and how do you respond?

    4. Your schooling is done and it's time to strike out into the world!! What sort of career do you want to go into and why?

    5. A friend is getting married and they put you in charge of the cake. You narrowed it down to two places to make an order. The first is a bakery with whom you got a good relationship with. The other is a well-known cake maker to whom everyone goes to (your friend hints to it as well). Which one do you choose and why?

    6. You get into an argument with a friend/family member/co-worker. They criticize one of your personality traits. What would most likely be the focus of their critique?

    7. It's New Years! You and your friends are out and about after a party. Being drunk, one of your friends suggests to do something....'questionable' (Nothing serious. I.e, drugs, escort, etc.). What are your thoughts and how do you respond?

    8. A new art gallery opens up and your friend wants to go to the grand opening. Both of you analyze all the paintings and sculptures. What about these works warrants the most attention from you? Why?

    9. You have been saving up and decide to buy a new car. At the dealership, you peruse the lots. What are the criteria and factors that influence your choice? Which one would initially be your main focus?

    10. Yep, you now have a kid (sex of your choosing)! Years pass and they are now 15 years old. You notice their personality traits are the complete opposite of how you were when at their age. Describe how they are. Describe the possible conflicts that would arise between both of you due to differing temperaments.
    1. I am currently in that age range.

    Focus: Work towards the future I want for myself

    • Reading
    • Select sports
    • Writing (don’t do often, but enjoy it)
    I’ll add that one thing I do differently than others when writing is that I usually get a brilliant idea for a beginning and ending then work to somehow connect the two, rather than my peers’ approach of just starting the story and seeing where it leads to.
    Blind spots:
    • Socializing?
    • Sports

    • Maths
    • Language Arts
    • Science
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Languages
    • Enjoy learning about pretty much anything

    Is the comment ‘wrong’?

    No: Just deal with it.

    Yes: What kind of ‘wrong’?

    Morally/Ethically: Explain what is wrong about it.

    • Correct them
    • Explain if important

    Misinformation/Misunderstanding (about people):
    • Remind them to be wary of info from a unneutral source
    • Remind them to be open-minded if solid evidence proves otherwise
    • Immediately correct error if it is about myself

    Logically incongruent:
    1 Can’t figure it out at first? Mull it over
    2 Find the error
    3 Bring up the subject at a less than appropriate time

    4. Optometrist
    • Run independent clinic
    • Existent but solely professional interaction with people to avoid deterioration of people skills without having to exchange more than the required information
    • Good salary
    • Work with clean-cut data
    • Low risk (of screwing up and getting sued)
    • Manage own office hours
    • Stable throughout whole life before retirement(older doctors are not uncommon)

    5. Whoever has the better cake. Whoever has the better price for the quality level.
    If I had to choose: Popular store
    (Wedding) cake = (Wedding) refreshment
    My objective = (Find suitable) cake
    Refreshment’s objective= Please guests
    Therefore, (My objective = Cake = Refreshment’s objective = Please guests)= My Objective = Pleasing guests

    Immediate Family: My bluntness, the (only sometimes) outwards lack of empathy and softness towards them. Note that I wrote outwards as well as sometimes. Also, the procrastination.

    7. I’ll go ahead and assume those are close friends not acquaintances.

    Objective = Steer friends out of potential trouble

    Criteria for ‘trouble’:
    • Physically harmful
    • Something to be regretted
    • Morally/Ethically wrong

    Methods to use:
    • Suggesting alternative activity
    • Appealing to other friends’ common sense by stating obvious cons, then getting them to peer- pressure the drunk into giving up the idea

    8. Provide an example?
    I can say that I am drawn towards minimalist art, but also towards impressionist oil paintings, two very different styles.

    Main focus: Overall functionality
    • Safety
    • Light or Metallic colour (safer than dark colours)
    • Good deal (On sale? Good price for level of quality? Price negotiations?)
    • What it looks like isn’t a big deal
    • Currently don’t know much about cars, but I am sure that when I do start looking for one, I would know more about it than the dealer, lol.

    10. I’ll just describe some traits I don’t like.
    • Baselessly Emotional
    • Whiny
    • Low self-esteem manifested in the form of lowering others instead of improving self
    • Inauthentic
    • Easily swayed by groupthink
    • Incompetent and ignorant (I have no problem with those who are (at the moment) incompetent, but recognizes and strives towards improving themselves; understands what they lack and doesn’t deny it)
    Other stuff:

    On functions tests got (a couple weird ones):

    • Ni>Te>Ti=Fi=Ne>Se>Si=Fe
    • Ne=Ni>Te=Ti>Fi>Se>Fe>Si
    • Ni>Ne>Ti=Te>Fi>Fe=Se>Si

    • Ti>Ni>Fi>Si>Te>Ne>Se>Fe
    • Ni>Ne>Ti>Te>Fi>Se>Fe>Si
    • Ne>Ni>Te>Ti>Se>Fi>Fe>Si

    Also, is there a way to link individual posts instead of the whole thread?

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    A T T E N T I O N U S E R 1 2 3 7 9 4 4 9 1 0 2

    O P T I O N S E L E C T E D 1 O U T O F 2

    P L E A S E W A I T F O R Y O U R R E C E I P T

    * b z z t *

    I N T J

    H A V E A

    N I C E D A Y

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