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    Default *deep in thought stalker stare* Oh, hey.

    Lurker finally turned member, here. I was gifted the official MBTI assessment by a friend a few weeks ago and after having compulsively force fed myself on typology and Jungian cognitive functions to the point of mental meat sweats, I'm eager to engage you interesting folks and hopefully gain further knowledge and insights.

    When I reflect on my personality and life overall (and I'm still fairly young), I believe that INTJ fits me best but at the same time I tend to be rather "cuspy" with some of the cognitive functions--I was very INTJ as a kid; in high school and college, was very E/INTPish (not necessarily a correlation but there was some heavy experimentation with mind altering substances then lol); after taking a deep interest in psychology (clinical psych. and behavioral neuroscience) and various forms of "self help," became rather E/INFJish for a short while; I had a malignantly intoxicating relationship with a wild and beautiful ESFP that pushed me (literally and figuratively) into exploring some pretty aggressive ENTJ territory for a bit and after having gained a healthy distance from that nuclear disaster, seem more decidedly INTJ though I still feel like there is a defiant ENTJ on the inside ever trying to burst his way through my chest, emerging all sexy, smooth and slippery in black, secondary set of jaws glaring and ready to maim. lol I seek both to further understand and to tame this dark beast.


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    You seem like quite the interesting fellow, and one that sounds to have much to share. Welcome Digital Lion, you will do just fine here
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
    -Eleanor Roosevelt

    ~Always, an Enthusiastic_Dreamer
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