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    Cool New INTx - hey all

    Hi there.

    I'm somewhere between INTJ and INTP. Closer to INTJ but I feel it doesn't do justice.
    Functions: Ti>Ni>Te>Ne>Fi>Si>Se>Fe.
    My tritype (548) probably describes me better.

    Recently became a bit obsessed with typology although I don't really subscribe to it. It is, however, interesting to have some kind of insight into how others relate to the world and the people who inhabit it. Maybe someday I'll learn to be a bit more patient with others. I envy people who don't feel the need to overthink everything and as a result I overthink that too.

    I'm unsure how I would describe myself. I value honesty and empiricism above everything and hate social niceties that serve no purpose but to make people feel better. Obviously this makes me very fun at parties. Currently a student studying math and physics. I also enjoy digital art, books, and spend most of my time teaching myself new things.

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    Welcome! If you need any help regarding your typing, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you.

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    I feel like you might of lost your original account and made a new one.

    While I value honesty too.. I don't share it much with strangers.. honesty is really a virtue that needs a lot of support, much context, and a way of caring on how it is delivered. If an individual won't want to take it, it's not worth sharing until it falls into the ears that those who do.
    Forever Flowing

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    Aesthetics and morality are closely related. But too many of us have bad taste.
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