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Thread: Hi peeps! :3

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    Red face Hi peeps! :3


    ok, so, well, hmm,errrrrrrrrrrr.. Hi! *that was awkward*

    I'm Kayo, it's a Japanese mostly girls name that no one seems to pronounce correctly, so call me Kyle
    When I was a child I realized I did not fit anywhere, so I learned about these typologies, It helped me a lot! I never felt like putting myself in a box (except for eneagrams, 5w4, 7w8 3w4 tritype 754? I don't fit anywhere in those), All those things made me learn more about myself, and ways to deal with my craziness, and I collect this stuff like a hobby, I like being weird, not for the sake of being different but accepting that i'm quite the freak and I fit in strange places.

    About me... so, I like Games, mostly RPG, don't you dare make me play FPS I just can't, I like nerd stuff, like Linux, codes and stuff! ( I suck at it, don't) but at the very same time, I'm not a logical person, like, I don't believe in Evolutionists or Creationists, but a mix of both, I'm very spiritual though, I was haunted, just like in horror movies until I was 14, I had some crazy "gift", you know that creepy child who looks at someone and say "you're gonna die today" that was me, I could predict stuff, see ghosts,demons, astral project, and pretty much hear pieces of other peoples thoughts sporadically, I got quickly scared at all of it and beg for God to remove it, and so God did, I lost all of that. I became Syncretic!

    I'm a survivor of depression, Actually the major depression kind, for a decade, I love art, writing, singing, dancing, acting, and all the rest. watching and being part of it. ( now you think that I'm all of that, and that's my intention, truth is, I procrastinate, I'm professional at it)

    I have many layers of my being (like everyone else..., somebody help this guy), I can be fun, stupidly hilarious,serious or even annoyingly positive and wise, you know, I got depressed out of neglect from my parents, and I got better alone ( all those books, videos, and specialists...liar), to do that you need to know yourself and that sounds way easier than it is, I starved for a few weeks in life, I was always poor but that was extreme, I know exactly how twisted the world is, but I know and accept both sides of it, right now as you read this, lots of people died, for many reasons, age,sickness,murder, drowning, accidents. and at the very same time, a first kiss happened, babies are born, someone planted strawberries, parties. and that's why I'm crazy, I'm everywhere, I always felt like most people were bulls and I was the eagle high in the sky seeing everything bulls and lions ready to kill. ( I like that)

    Honestly, I don't know why I got so deep and personal here, maybe I miss writing, or maybe, I'm just a drama queen, or a drag queen, or a queen B, ( that's when you know that you've been writing dumb stuff and you should stop)

    Ok sorry to scare you, ( not so sorry, I like to send people away, those who stay interest me, crazy mothaf***rs)
    Last edited by Kayo Queiroz; 10-05-2016 at 06:47 PM. Reason: I needed to put some sense into my past self
    Kayo Queiroz
    23,Neutral Good, INFJ, 5w4, Ell, Taurus/Aquarius, Water Rooster, Indigo/Lavender Aura, Geek,Nerd,Vegan Ravenclaw-Thunderbird Syncretic

    Yes.. That's me in the picture, I'm cute, deal with it :3
    for more shameless self promotion:

    Instagram: Kyle.Henry
    Twitter/Vine/Tumblr/Facebook: KayoQueiroz

    Snapchat: Kayosan

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    Welcome Kairu! Sounds like you've had it pretty rough. But struggle builds character doesn't it? Especially when you are looking forward. I'll look forward to seeing you around the forums.

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    Welcome! :hi: I hope you like it here with us!
    "..But my dreaming self refuses to be consoled."- M.Atwood
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    Your instagram reeks heavy 7w6 ENFP vibe. It's like unmistakable. It's like so stereotypically accurate even lol.

    Anyway, you do you! Welcome.

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    I swear your avatar blinked.
    But it's no gif, is it? I stared at it for about a minute without blinking myself to see it again, but it didn't move an inch. Now I'm seriously creeped out.

    Anyways, welcome!

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    Welcome to the forums!

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