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    Quote Originally Posted by colmena View Post
    New Zealand?


    I saw Lord of The Rings the other day. I would have preferred it had it been just landscape shots of NZ with the accompanying music.
    I spent almost half of the film daydreaming on how it would be to be there. Definately a place I have to visit some day!

    I'm somewhat jealous now but - welcome here, LavaLucy!!!
    Daylight bores the sunshine out of me...

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    Revolutionary Girl Utena, cool. Welcome to the nuthouse
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    Speaking of lovely avatars, look at yours! I'm still not sure I understood the whole car/gender battle metaphor that was Utena. The curry episode makes me laugh my ass off though.

    Anyway, welcome. (What do people in New Zealand think of being associated with Lord of the Rings all the time, anyway?)
    No one understands Utena - well that's what I tell myself anyway beacause I don't Love it so much. The funniest episode to me was the one where Nanami tries to sabotage Anthy by puting snails and things.

    Go Lord of the Rings, I don't mind, I think people don't mind, these days it's Flight of the Conchords too which I love so it's all good!! It is pretty in Lord of the Rings, unfortuatly I live in town where it is not so pretty.

    So many people said hello to me I'm used to replying to everyone, so not sure, thank you though! (Go the person who thought he slept through a whole day! Wouldn't that be freaky?)

    My likes and dislikes... I And also painting and movies and cats (meow) I don't like... dinner when everything is all together in one, I call it smlidge and it is to be feared.

    Good answer? Oh well better luck next time me

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