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Thread: Salutations

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    Welcome to the nuthouse, learn and prosper ^_^
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

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    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavilion View Post
    I don't normally introduce myself on forums, I prefer to just jump right in (what can I say? I'm not big on social protocol). And I already did that so I'm not really sure why I'm introducing myself but this forum is less populated than most of the others I've been to so I guess it somehow seems too appropriate not to do it.

    Anyway, I found out about the MBTI about a year ago and was really interested in it but as with most things I get interested in, I found another interest to get distracted by once I felt I knew enough. After enduring a year of MBTI-related thoughts surfacing every time I met someone new or wondered what would drive a person to do something though I finally broke and decided to learn everything there is to know about the MBTI and then some. So here I am.
    Good will change your life bro

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