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    Default New person type hunting

    Hello everybody!

    Newbie from Texas here I joined up so I can get some help with my MBTI, I'm curious what I am and could use some help so I'll probably be over in What's my type? area pretty soon. I can say that I am so Fi it hurts, I have pretty strong Se as well and I'm a 6w5, sp with average health (been getting better). I enjoy conversation so if you're curious, want to say hello, whatever, go ahead. I love anything that engages my emotions or my senses, so good movies, good books, a long hike through nature, art, music. I enjoy experiencing things and internalizing it and exploring how it makes me feel, what it makes me remember, whether it has an effect on my personal morals or changes my personal worldview. I'll expand on that, though, in my Typing question post (I'm ISFP or INFP, just having a hard time figuring out which one). I have two dogs, wish I had a cat and the cause I like to champion most right now is autism understanding and awareness, in particular support for parents of children with autism. *waves a flag*

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    Welcome. May you find what you seek here.

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