I'm not really good with introducing myself. English is not my native language so I apologize for any mistake
I have discovered the mbti test quite recently and I'm still trying to understand it properly.
I have done the test several times, and on more or less the 80% of the times I've done my result has been INTJ.The other 20% INFJ.
Honestly I see some of me in both, and I don't see some of me in both.
Not liking the stereotypes and the simplistic way of considering the profiles, I'm reading about functions and I find everything very interesting. Still, I am not sure of my type.
What I also don't like about certain books/links is that they focus on carreers, and it's wonderful if you're looking or that...but the economical situation where I live is not one where a person chooses what to do according to their strenght, and anyway I am looking for something about profiles to help me with dealing with personal choices, mentality and feelings, if I explain myself correctly.
I love both science, especially astronomy, and literature, my great passion and my field of story. I am not as rational, cold(according to the stereotype) and a chessmaster type as the INTJ profile says, I haven't found any book or explanation about how INTJs actually feel, for people they care about and so on, and since I cared and and loved, and care and love, making choices according to these feelings (stupid choices sometimes, the kind that a success driven INTJ shouldn't?), I would like to know about this particular aspect.
I seem cold, and I am, when I am not interested in something or someone, but I am very passionate about what I like, and if I find someone to share my passions with. Same for people. Also, INTJ should accept critics when the argument is correct, and they shouldn't take them personally, I read. I am the opposite. I get extremely angry or depressed when I am criticized, and even if I may recognize the criticism is right. Not just that, many times, especially in the past, I have stopped doing something because I've been told I wasn't good at it, and I got depressed because I liked that particular thing, but I believed the person ho told me, because I trusted them, on one case misplacing my trust.
I also cry when I see sad or cute animals stories...this is Fi, right? I get emotional -but I try to hide it- when I go to a planetarium or I watch a documentary about space, but I don't feel anything when I see most romantic movies. Most, not all of them. Same for books.
I see an animal in need I do anything I can to save it, but with people...I would like to help when but I am very shy and I fail approaching unknown people, even those who need help, so I get sad because I would like to do something but I don't, and this aspect too is something I don't know if it's INFJ related or still Fi so INTJ.
As for INFJ, I don't recognize myself in the Yoda-like stereotype of someone who helps others find their potential...I never do that because it looks like imposing myself on others, to me.On the other hand I value harmony and I try not to be blunt and hurt people's feelings.

(sorry if I misunderstood or offended INFJs! I have a love-hate relationship with the profile because of a friend of mine who's totally in love with her being it, and a total narrow minded bigot when it comes to imposing her views on things^^)
I am in a relationship with an INTP who is easily recognizable. One of the biggest differences is that if I have a problem I don't need him to give me a rational solution. If I don't ask for one it's probably because I already know it, or because the problem is not rationally solvable, so I just need to brood over it and I just need him to give me comfort, or to distract me, and I don't know it this is an INTJ/INFJ/just my thing.
On the outside I have a rational appearance and way of talking, on the inside I'm more messy. I have my own logic, and I know that.
I have been lurking on this forum a few times, mostly for typing fictional characters.
I hadn't seen the profile threads before, and I'll read them, along with the recommended books threads.
Also, I have done the enneagram test and it seems I am a 4, but I still don't quite understand how these profile work, with the wings, and the sp/sx/so versions, so I am quite overwhelmed, even though I definitely want to know about them.

I am really sorry if my introduction is so long and...I don't know, maybe inappropriate?
I never write in forums so more than an introduction this is a confession.
Anyway I say hello to all of you!