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    A dependant scenario. Speak upon time frames of one point to another. 'You' in the year 2014 have adhered to personalities different to each other and yet with such a time frame of the given year, it would have been impossibly for you to adhere to one personality. There is the umbrella of generalising personality to all such given process and it is the common viewpoint of personality as which one will say you are one personality. 'You' in an instance of the present cannot be more than one personality though. As in you are a whole orientation of mental faculties on that instance which labels itself as a personality.

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    People do develop but your type remains constant from the moment it's developed (which some say is at birth).
    The perception of changing type is you learning from your environment. It doesn't change your type. Hell I organise people all day long but I'm still a P.

    A implies B does not imply that B implies A.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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