I have all,ways had an interest in metaphysics I say that I never let go of the monkey bars to fall in to ego inflation enough to loose sight of the interest in the esoteric condition of the human metaphysical situation.

I have had may struggles with in being a,

type: 9 , 9w1 Sx/Sp/So , 936 963 396 , 9w8 4w5 5w6 , 1221 , D type , INFP.

In my primary school Year I was most actively aware of the energies of the eighteen subtypes and I was aware that they grouped in pairs nine pairs.

In grade four I had manifested the ability to generate the law of three within as a normal state but beleave I had to repress this ability as I was viewed by my peers as like being a must not do taboo action so I repressed the action of generating the law of three within.

When I reached the age of 22 I had by that time invested so much mind energy in cultivating my self and social and phycological image that I had basically lost and forgotten about my understanding in those formative years.

I was not thinking in terms or referencing the differences between the 18 or 9 energies, I had fallen unaware to the insights I sharply held in focus in my early years.

I had much resentment for the level of ignorance of the human collective but I had stent so much time internally complaining that I had lost sight of my original complaint. (Not being able to do what was natural for me being, being able to switch on) and being irritated that no one had an interest in the metaphysical energy that I knew that was assessable,

Any way I had a early midlife like crises that led me to personal development to heal and I did a course a psychodrama style personal development set of training called who am I , being , soul , a child is born , freedom.

The first three courses where the foundation of my remediation unto a sense of self swear ness and a reestablished awareness of a spiritual essential component to being and life.

The last two training where of no real help they seemed to me to be generated to raise more $ from active participants in the trainings.

Who Am I was a 3 1/2 day basic training , and the other four trainings we're week long training. Of a life changing magnitude. So to say. The organisation was called Hart Light Celebrations, the courses no longer exist and the facilitator has retired to become a book writher. Weighting a book about the knowledge around the processes and techniques of the cumulative presses of the training's for those who will never have an opportunity to travel the path of knowledge gaining that we were fortunately to have partaken in.

At the same time greater nature seemed to be assisting me in making it posable to find peaces of the jigsaw by these being the next thing I needed to Lear at hand in the form of books and people to exspqaination direct to or explain.

I learnt six models the Who Am I model , TA , Enneagram , MBTI , Hole BrAin Thinking Model , and General Phycology from self help books of my choice to fill in the jigsaw puzzle.

I found it easy to correlate the Enneagram and MBTI at the subtype level and have had an interest in developing my understandings of the different components of the enneagram.

One of my private interests is in exploring for a third implicate math that may host or counter support the math of the explicate order of of Creation.

My math ideas have there roots in the THE ABSOLUTE , The Carbon Spectrum , and the Dark Matter Number. The technics I utilise in my search is to look at maths in the wrong way as thought to be the correct way. And it has yielded some interesting number patters.

I would not class my self as a skilled mathematically minded person but I follow my intuitive gut inklings in the search for some thing real that is not visible.

I am learning golf, I like most things I don't real dislike a great deal , I am lazy-ish I like to do things at my own pace in my own way as long as it is a good way of doing things.

And that's about it.

I like to talk about the enneagram and some times I feel the need to shear my ideas, even though no one seems to be much interested in the of the track type subjects.

I think I know the enneagram fairly well, I know the types and basic typologies of the nine energies I understand the instincts, I am not good at reciting the factual components of the typologies but I have an excellent visceral understanding of the enneagram and MBTI in general.

I am a little bit lazy in some areas of my study. But I'm kinda happy with my level of understanding because my path has been for self education and not to become a teacher of psychometrics systems.

So Cheers and perhaps we will chat on the boards sometime.

Mark Anthony Rockliff