As as INFJ I have spent life questioning myself. I always used my instinct as fact, and quite frankly it made me feel fraudulent many times. Even though most times I was right in those instances, but at the time just couldn't produce facts as to why. The concept of "Types of personalities" has never occurred to me because I can't recall feeling like I ever met another INFJ. I read the traits outlined by "my type" and always saw those as my flawed characteristics I would often realize, but hide as if they were unacceptable things about myself I needed to quietly work on.

Realizing that I am somewhat of a predetermined outline.. is relief and disappointment it the same time.

But I will not waste this valuable tool. I have several relationships in my life that involve very different types, that I need to understand to be able to better communicate and live harmoniously with. My boyfriend specifically... who is an ISTJ and will be my fiancée very soon.

I have so many questions about why I do some of the things I do and if they are part of a predetermined outline or if they are damage done from life's issues. I want to better understand the things I do that I don't feel are prudent to my goals in life, so that I find better ways to handle things.

I am in a high pressure career choice that takes much of my free time between my business and my non profit org. I would like to find softer ways to deal with those who work for and under me in that respect. I sometimes feel I may be lacking in that department while focused on achieving the goal or task at hand.

I thank anyone for any advice or life experience they can share!