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    Default Hello! Socionics V-Logger briefing!

    Hi everybody,

    months ago I landed on another forum because someone posted a link to my youtube channel and there was a discussion about what I was doing, therefore maybe some of you have already crossed me somehow.

    As a rule, I tend to listen to what I'm told IF it makes some sort of sense, therefore I stopped, took some time, sort out things, killed the screaming bitch (for those who know what I'm talking about) aaaand started from scratch

    I'm not here to claim being an authority on the matter,but I sure have insights and I believe that from constructive critic very good things can happen (I found out who I am thanks to critic, so).

    I'm currently focussing in particular on enneagram, I have a soft spot for the subject and my little public has an interest in that, but I'm also making videos and blog articles about socionics. Those who jumped on the bandawagoning the other time will find quite relevant differences from what they saw the other time.

    Here are my links:

    Kat | "Change is the end result of all true learning."

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    Hello and welcome, @Kat Kore!
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