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Yeah a lot of weird emotional label folks with mental, self-confidence and behavioral problems seem to score INTJ. (I don't think that people like that are supposed to be INTJ, rather they should look for help)
Werru, how about you ask some of your close-friends to rate you?
yea, not INTJ over here. Nothing against you, but I know it ain't me.

I think I'm familiar enough to know my 'best fit' or whatever. But I don't wanna spoil the fun yet, or to anchor others' perceptions of me based on my own. They can judge themselves. .. for good or for bad.

But one thing I've not done is ask someone else to take one of these tests from my shoes, or to otherwise read the descriptions and see what they think fits. I will try it.

(Also, everyone talks about Forer effect etc. One way to offset that? Read the description that fits your type, and read other type descriptions. If the other descriptions don't fit well, then.. well, no Forer. I imagine that's a point that I'll be repeating sometime soon.)
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I like your intro post. Welcome.

Wait . . . "youngins"? How about whippersnappers?
I'm not old enough to use the word "whippersnappers." Someday, though.. someday..

I do tend to refer to a lot of people who are older than I am as "kids," sometimes without thinking about it. They just have the immaturity of a kid, or they otherwise seem like they have a lot of growing up to do, and I can't help but think of them as kids.
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Ignore him. ^
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Ignore him. ^ He's E8.
I'm gonna ignore who I wanna ignore

And I don't want to ignore either of you. Yet. Just don't get on my bad side, or else I'll inflict the ultimate punishment: ignoring you.
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excellent posts here in and in the big five thread. hello.
thankyou kindly