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    Default Kind of new, from Sweden

    Although I registered in Mars (or was it April or May?), I never really stayed and only came back just now. Never did an introduction thread back then so why not do one now?

    I'm an 18, soon 19 year old who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since my life is very dull all I do on my sparetime is basically sporadically playing some games and mostly just surfing on the internet, with a little bit of Skype-chatting on the side.

    I plan to either study chemical engineering starting this fall in the university, or study psychology either this spring or next fall. I still have about a month or so to decide, but right now it seems that I will say no to the chemical engineering and go for psychology instead.

    I've never had a girlfriend and probably never will, mainly because of my low self-confidence and self-esteem which is a result of my inferiority complex, but it's kind of going in the right way I suppose and much can happen in a few years.

    That's probably all I can say about myself for now, the last bit was probably a little over the edge but eh, now I've already written it.

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    Välkommen min son.

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    *waves at fellow viking*

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