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    Default Hello everybody. A new INTP here.

    Hi everyone. It's me, Smeckledorf. I'm an INTP. [sarcastic "yay"] I didn't really check the INTP demographics of this site, but I'm just imagining that another INTP is the last thing that any website (or any thing, for that matter) needs.

    Brace yourselves; here's my personal analysis. (I get too lazy to stop clicking away on my keyboard oftentimes)

    If truth be told, I really could be an ENTP. (I could also be a frickin giraffe.) I could think up ten different reasons why I could potentially be either an ENTP or an INTP. (but perhaps my indecisiveness suggests the latter? I once spent ten minutes trying to decide which direction I should walk in my own home) There's overwhelming evidence for me being an INTP, because thinking is what I do day in and day out. It's when I take a shower (which typically lasts hours each time because I keep forgetting to stop showering), it's when I'm at school (it's a wonder that I don't mindlessly bump into everybody, since I never pay attention to anything but whatever I'm thinking of while walking in the hallways), and, well, it's basically all the other times of my life too.

    Note: I am at the stage in my understanding of the MBTI where I understand that the four-letter combo is a load of bull crap until you learn your functions, because it's the functions that truly matter. I know full well that the dumb tests you find on Google are worthless. "True or false: You are a logical person with sound views of life" Like, who the heck would say "false" for that? What people think of themselves differs greatly from what they really are. Also, I know that it's a load of ass nuggets whenever people try to say "yah, ummmm, I am an ISFJ at night and an ENTJ during, like, the day, and I'm an INFJ on Tuesday..." because that would require your entire function configuration to completely change. The only thing you can truly change is your introversion/extraversion (...spell check, are you serious? It's extrAversion, not extrOversion!) since everybody has introverted and extraverted functions. The reason I'm saying all this stuff is so you guys see that I know my basic crap, and every analysis that I make of myself is made only after about a year (as of now) of research and good ol' INTP-brand thinking.

    The reason I could be an ENTP is because I'll often speak up in discussions (and I'm definitely not shy about it), but really, that's the only time that I ever want to be interacting with anyone. But let me make something clear: although I prefer being by myself, I honestly never have problems or issues talking to people. I have a loud, albeit shrill and uncommanding (imagine Abraham Lincoln the way he was depicted in Lincoln), voice; I have no issue being heard. My words don't exactly flow, and I beat around the bush naturally when I speak (with many "ums" and "well, maybes"). But I don't try to turn away from people. I basically never and I mean NEVER initiate discussion, however I have no issues talking to people casually. I get red and blush often, but that doesn't stop me from talking to people, really. People admire my intelligence (only in real life, since I'm guessing my intelligence loses luster when contrasted with all the other INTPs who lurk on the internet) and tell me ALL THE DAMN TIME how "smart" I am. I mean, don't get me wrong, I inhale people's admiration. It's not like I don't enjoy having a calling card, and I'd rather be known as smart than not known at all.

    And make no mistake: I try to make myself known. I have plenty of friends that I talk to, and I really do try to be as friendly as possible to others. I like seeing people happy. I try to be funny, because I enjoy seeing people enjoy things I say and do, and it usually works, actually. I make jokes all the time, and nobody can call me the least funniest guy of all time or anything. Actually, when the right joke comes to mind, I can be pretty funny.

    If I could try to describe myself any better than I have already, I would say that I've got a decent amount of an ENTP's charm and have the keen and honed thinking of an INTP, plus the desire to be alone. I also never get anything done and start other things before I finish what I started before.

    Anyway, here I am. I'm not going to try to say anything witty or arrogant, because this is the internet, not real life (where I actually would do that.)

    Most people would have no trouble calling me a nerd, but I would never call myself that because I would hate to be associated to the same people who call themselves nerds for attention and crap. "Yea, I'm like, a tooooootal nerd, because, I uh, play Call of Duty all day." I also hate seeing corporations milk nerds and commercialize with them. Really, in all honesty, the only reason I actually could be called a nerd is my tendency to do good on tests and things. I don't really act too socially awkward or anything.

    I hope to make music eventually (and I think I need to start a thread about musical skill in terms of Jungian functions. I have many questions.) and be at least a decent guitarist. I've got a distinct view on music and hate 95% of music, so I've really got to try to git gud so I can satisfy my tastes myself. My dream is to become successful and famous of course, and I temporarily satisfy myself by blocking out the reality of the situation.

    Engineering is the field that I will soon enough have a job in. (hopefully) If there's one thing I like almost as much as theorizing abstract ideas, it would be figuring out how real things like machines and systems work. I have an inherent and burning desire to see closure and having things figured out, and this trait shows when you see me determined to complete an engineering-related task. Also, because of that desire, I absolutely HATE when people try to avert disagreements or try to pacify disputes because they're unsettled by arguments. An argument is just a means of reaching a logical conclusion and getting closure. People can be such babies.

    And through all the things I've said, you should have figured out that I'm no young kid or any kind of mature adult. I'll say that I'm almost in the twilight of my high-school career.

    Alright, this intro rambled quite a bit, and I'm sure the only reason anyone bothered to read this whole thing is that the person in question wants insight in the life of an INTP. So here you go. And hello.

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    Welcome Smeckledorf (Mr. Krabs said that wasn't a word!)--what an intro!

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    Thanks for the welcome!

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    Hi Welcome, glad to meet you.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
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    "Wall of Text"
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    I see you practice it as well. Welcome to the forums.
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    I'm not reading that entire post, but welcome.
    "our preferences do not determine what's true." -Sagan

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    Great username. Welcome.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
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    Kinda reminds of an NTP version of my intro thread...

    With less smilies.

    The Justice Fighter

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    I don’t see it as you stepping away from the fire. I see it as the fire directing your course.
    No matter how airy or earthy or watery you become... to many of us you will always be...a super nova."

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