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    Too.....many...ENFPs in one........thread.

    Atmosphere......too happy and....warm.

    Can' live.

    Can't....reach.....revolver....too much...too much.

    **PASSES OUT**
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    im a male ENFP as well. so true on being the straight friend treated like the gay guy lol.

    are you in medschool? i think i read that in another thread? im studying bio undergrad right now...but im worried that my Ne might be the worst thing ever to hit medschool. im worried that im just not focused enough. or that my creativity (not just the artsy sense) will be extremely frowned upon or just not get enough stimulation... idk...any thoughts?

    A shout out to my man Babylon C... I am so sorry, I missed this reply because I forgot to check this thread out, didn't mean to ignore you or anything... you know how we ENFP's get.

    Anyway, yes sir, I just finished my first year and getting ready for round two. Medschool, manages to rock my socks off while also sucking the dinner out of some old guys ass at the same time.

    Well lets do the good the bad and the ugly on this:

    Good: Deadlines are everywhere, I love deadlines because that is the only way I get shit done, sure it stresses the crap out of me, but having them right after the other manages to keep me in check and not procrastinate like I did in undergrad. Back in undergrad, I would red bull blitz the whole night before the test, ace it and then go on to forget the material, here not so much as their is test after test after test and so on... so you are always in check.

    The Bad: this whole busy thing really gets you bummed sometimes but just take it easy and you will be fine.

    The Bad: you will find out that 85% of your class are in there for the prestige of being a doctor and are willing to do anything to gain the upperhand over everyone else, its cut-throat here, lots of smiles in your face and lots of lies.

    The Good: Even though you might not kiss ass as much as the other students, your professors will know you are good based on patient responses about you compared to other students.

    The Good: Once you develop the I don't give an Eff mentality of what you think, you will be the best student at analyzing case studies because you will not be afraid to blurt out what you think, which is usually correct.

    The Good: Us along with ENTP's are amazing at connecting the dots like pheonix said, and we rock the case studies like no ones business

    The Bad: I suck at memorizing.

    The ugly: You really have to fight really hard and kiss alot of ass to get a good residency spot.

    The good: Once you have your MD, you can go off and do anything you want, and be able to know that you will always be financialy secure as there will always be a job available for you if all else fails. For example if I want to teach high school, no problem, If I wanna move anywhere, usually no problem (paper work though).

    The ugliest: Lots of bullshit beaurucratic paper work for everything, damn lawyers screw everyone.

    These were just random brain droppings, but let me know if I can answer anything specific. Also, one thing that you really need to focus on is shine in that interview. Show them the true ENFP you are, my interviewer said that I made him feel more comfortable in the interview and that he wanted to talk with me. We give off pretty good first impressions, so just relax and be yourself, I am sure you will kick ass. And if you need any advice, just let me know and I would be more than happy to help.

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