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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Bubble View Post
    A BBT reference? Welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by James W View Post
    Welcome to the forums.

    I wouldn't worry about the mistype. I thought I was an INTP for the longest time until I realized the differences between Ti and Te. INFPs are very logical people and naturally curious about the bigger picture. If you feel idealism suits your character like you say, INFP is a likely candidate for your personality type.

    Hope Typology helps find the answers you're looking for.

    Good luck!
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure on the INFP part now, and I've been testing INFP for several years at this point. It's good to know that INFPs are usually very logical. I suppose rational logic is one of my "ideals," for as much as I have strong emotions, I also try to run myself by reason.

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    Welcome, @Cantus Firmus!

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