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    35 year old female
    native of atlanta, ga (born, raised and currently residing in)
    have one cat (female brown tabby who's name is Twix)
    love to read and watch home

    .....I like cars.....

    ...i currently work two jobs but I'm about to my part-time job so I can continue in my major which is chemistry. I've been out of school for over ten years but about two years ago made the decision to go back. I would like to aim for a pharmd but I will concentrate on getting the bachelors degree first and see where that takes me. Growing up I was always pretty quiet and kept to myself. I am the total opposite of my younger and older sisters. I hate talking on the telephone (unless I determine that it is absolutely neccessary).'s all I can think of for now.

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    Hi! What kind of cars? Old, new, sleepers?

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    well, I currently drive an 04 black si. I would LOVE to turn that into a sleeper REALLY bad. but with the current price in gas and my current work and school sleeper will have to wait. im also currently at about 69k miles on it so i'm already thinking about my budget for the next year and a half and already planning on trading in this car for a fit (seeing as how the gas prices, along with everything else, are pretty much as predictable as the weather here in atlanta, ga). i'm almost done paying it off so my ultimate plan is to trade it in and pay cash for the difference. I think that once my finances are where i want them to be then i can really start on having fun with cars. although i don't think that i know that much about cars, i do know enough and would like to continue to learn for fun. i would love to participate in a race (like formula one or nascar) before i die. oh's nice to dream. (stares off into space)

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