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    Also welcome, @rolandz!

    I feel your pain on just wanting to be free to do whatever you feel led to. I don't really value money or prestige as much as maybe would serve me, what keeps me caring about it is knowing how much I hate tightly managing money lol. I like physically cannot make a budget and count all of my dollars in and out, so I fear I'd wind up like homeless or something if I was forced to keep such meticulous care of my money.

    So I'm going to suggest fear if you're ok with a maladjusted coping mechanisms, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rolandz View Post
    Hi all

    I just got into MBTI and Jung some years ago. Then, I learned a lot about Type and Jungian theory and afterwards I let all these knowledge to settle and integrate while I was living and learning in other issues. Now, that I am aproeaching the Half Century Mark I came back to learn about all of this in another, more deep, level.

    I am Cuban (born Havana, 1963) and I currently live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (since 1994). I am an Architectura BA graduate but I am currently a graphic design and IT consultant freelancer.

    I am an almost "pure" ENTP (checked theory vs reality) in almost all the bright and dark sides of it.

    I'm not English native speaker so I present in advance my apologies for any language or expression mistake I could make.

    Besides my extroverted inclination it is possible that I spend some time here reading and learning before to involve actively in any discussion. It is not lack of interest at all, but sometimes lack of time or learned behavior to shut up until I could make a valid or interesting point (development of mid-age introversion could be said)

    Currently, my main area of interest is: How to purporsely redirect my libido/elan pulsion to money/property/prestige instead of my natural inclination to knowledge/creation with crude disregard of the formers?

    It seems a weird question in a world mainly driven to the money but my main problem is precisely the crude earth problems derived from my natural lack of interest in money/property which by now I understand I should correct forcefully against a strong internal ressistance.
    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post

    I have a hard time with it too. Ne likes to play too much for realistic concern.

    I am trying to direct my career to a position where I will be paid and respected for what I inherently tend to do.

    I am sorry I do not have much good advice, but I empathize.
    welcome! take it from me, as a person who has found herself surrounded by people who were after money and prestige for the past nine years of my life, it doesn't bring people happiness. if you would like more detail, i can regale you with many a story that will open your eyes. life is a great balancing act between making sure you are doing enough to take care of yourself and living your passions. forget about money and prestige. do what you truly believe is great work.
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    Bienvenido al foro

    Se escribe en ingles muy bien. Es bastante impresionante.

    Now, if you don't speak Spanish, I'll feel like an idiot, but since you live in Spain and were born in Cuba, I thought you probably speak Spanish.
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    Hello, your little friend.

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    Welcome, @rolandz! Hope to see more from you in the near future.
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