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    Default Hello from a new ISTJ

    Hello everyone! I'm new and decided to introduce myself: I'm a 21 year old ISTJ from the US. I stumbled across this board while researching ISTJ relationships during some down-time at work, and decided to join. I'm excited to read more about others who share an interest in personality types; I seem to be a rarity in the circles I run in.

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    Sweet, welcome to the place.

    Food is over there -points to the kitchen

    oh and we need someone who knows how to handle a soda gun, do you know how?
    Always forward, never back!

    "I always love talking to people and hearing their story. People always have a good life story to tell ya know?"

    My blog in regular blogs

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    Mate, mate, we love personalities in Oz.

    Welcome to Typology Central, the centre of the personality universe. So catch a star on Central.

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