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    Default A Personality type theories-obsessed, just saying: I'll be around...

    Hello dear girls and gents,
    I'm introducing myself as you can see, as I like to be polite - AND as I like what I've seen of this community. I'm trying to learn more about personality type theories. I've always been a bit obsessed about them (starting with astrology in an half-assed way, become more involved when I discovered the enneagram, and then the MBTI), but my knowledge is very limited. For quite a while I typed myself as an INFJ but I'm starting to wonder if I'm not some sort of INTJ. I don't think so, however. I'm most definitely a 4w3, no doubt about that
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi to you fine folks. See you around!

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    Welcome INxJ! Sassy avatar you've got there

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