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Thread: hi!

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    Cool hi!

    hey everyone! i've been lurking around for a while but figured i'd finally post an intro today. i'm an ISTP, 7w6 sp/sx, and i'm still trying to definitively figure out my socionics type.

    i'm 21 and a college student in the US studying computer science and computer engineering. i'm crazy and a little weird..and proud of it i guess i fit a fair amount of ISTP stereotypes - i love fixing things, school is an impossible chore even though i'm fairly smart, i need plenty of alone time, have wanted a motorcycle since i was 5 (my parents aren't too happy about that haha), etc.

    that being said, i actually thought i was an ESTP for the longest time (until a few months ago, actually) because when i DO decide to go and be around people, i'm very very loud and talkative so i didn't think there was any way i could be an I! i eventually realized that it was completely wrong to approach extraversion/introversion that way, so i looked into some other similar types recently. when I took the time to carefully read ISTP descriptions, it all just clicked.

    another thing that made typing myself tricky was that i've suffered from clinical depression for over a decade now, and only got the opportunity to begin treating it about a year ago. if anyone has any questions about that, feel free to ask, i don't mind.

    anyways, i'll be lurking around as usual. maybe i'll speak up a little more, too, if i feel like it

    7w6 sp/sx (tritype 748/784?)
    SEE/SLI (still unsure)

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    ISTP 7, neat combo. I had the I/E misunderstanding for years, too. Welcome to the forum!

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