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    Default Room for one more NF?

    Hello everyone.

    My real name is not Billy, but I do really like goats.

    I was typed as an INFP by a uni student friend (psych major) a number of years ago, but only comparatively recently decided to look into what that actually means. I was a bit skeptical at first and after a bit of reading I decided I couldn't possibly be the mushy, hypersensitive, flaky, slobby, daydreaming, unambitious, self-absorbed emotional wreck that my friend apparently thought I was and this whole idea of categorised personality types was a load of horse manure. To be honest, I think there was probably some left over social conditioning, especially in the realm of social gender norms to initially cause that reaction. Much as I try to distance myself and my sense of identity from such things, it's a tough halter to throw. BAH, THESE ARE NOT MANLY MAN TRAITS. Me KILL things! Me LIFT HEAVY things! Me not have FEELINGS. PAH, feelings is for GIRL.

    Then I crawled under my bed and cried for hours.

    Hah. Hah hah. ... Yeah. But no, that didn't really happen.

    I don't actually talk like that.

    So I read a bit more and started looking at people who also apparently typed that way were saying, instead of just looking at clinical descriptions and I found the way they talked about their minds working - for the good and the bad - all starting to sound very familiar. Found myself just nodding along to so much of it (and feeling kind of giddy that there might be people out there who get it) I began to think that maybe there was something to this business after all. Sure enough, all the the bits and pieces seemed to match up.

    So... I'm not totally convinced about all this stuff, but it looks like a bit fun anyway.

    So. Yes. Hi.

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    Entertaining introduction :P

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Baaa baaaaaa baa baaa baaaa.

    I'm gonna go ahead and hope that means "welcome" in Goat.

    Hope you enjoy the forum!

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    I'm looking for those who operate from the inside out. In other words, they take their orientation from the inside rather than the outside. Of course this means listening to their inner self first. It means taking time to listen to the inner self first.

    I'm tired of those who take the surface of the world as reality. Dive deep before you sleep, burst through the surface into the cool air, to the smiling face of our Summer Moon.

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    Welcome to this site!
    I really like cats and food.

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