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    Default Tinekraut here! An INT trying to be funny :P

    Needless to say that I'm a newcomer. Please, go easy on me everyone. I'm not yet familiar how everything works here.
    Looks like I'm labeled INTP, Type 5 - sp, LII... But I'm not really sure if I'm living up to it. They're just the results I usually get from the good old free online personality tests. I don't think I have that much ability as what you would expect from NTs and Type 5's.
    I decided to get into this 'cause this seems an intellectually stimulating forum site. I have to admit I don't have enough background on this personality classifications. I've gotten into this just on the spur of the moment. But looks like I'll learn a lot from here.
    I may also seem like going inconsistent from what a typical INT's and 5's should when I introduced myself here in a somewhat conspicuous manner (or is it even conspicuous enough?). But in real life, I really don’t initiate social interaction. It’s just I don’t want to be boring here. My life is already passive as it is living in hermitage.
    By the way, when I said I'm trying to be funny I was just goofing around. haha...Yea, I lied. It's just, I want to have a different title on the introduction. But I do have a good sense of humor (well that's what I believe.)
    And pardon me for my tasteless way of saying things. English is not my first language.
    Hope I enjoy my stay here!
    P.S.: You can call me Tine.

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    Hey Tine, welcome to TypoC!

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