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    Portland... *drool* I love your city. All hail Powell's.

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    Wow, it's a good job that test wasn't there a year or so ago. I'd have never been able to knuckle down and just answer "blue".

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwartica View Post
    Yeah, one of the questions that made me prove that I was human while registering asked me what color the sky was. So...I answered. The sky is blueish pink - I mean look at all that pink in the sky right now! If it had been raining, I would of answered grey. But anyways, they made me answer it again, with the proper government sanctioned answer "blue." Hah! What if it had been night? then the sky would of been black!

    Ok, ok, enough of that. Well, those of you on globalchatter know me already, so you don't have to read anything I write in this thread - though I know you will, just because I am the most interesting person in the world and all. Really, I'm not an ENFJ. If you knew me IRL, you would totally see what a INFP I really am!

    Anyways, yeah....hi everyone. I'm 33, an INFP, a Sagitarius, and I live in Portland, Oregon.
    I put "It depends." And it was wrong. Ferk!!!

    :-) Anyway, welcome!!!
    If you are interested in language, words, linguistics, or foreign languages, check out my blog and read, post, and/or share.

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