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    Antisocial, I have a name that might better fit your posting style/personality/attitude.

    Antisocial personalities are good at what they do, they are deceptive and can make people believe them and do things for them that they would never dream of doing. From what i see here, you exhibit traits of different personality disorder , and its quite clear.

    Perhaps a more appropriate name for you would be........

    Narcissistic One..

    You are an antagonist, a provocateur, and in this you are succeeding, this post is indicative of that. I will agree with Hap, your main victim here, that people who say they are weird are freakishly annoying, it's an attention seeking, "I'm unique", transparent thing to say, you should know better than that, anyways, I'm sure you could have both narcissistic and antisocial tendencies, it just seems narcissism fits you better.

    This monday I am going on a trip as part of my geological field training.
    But mountain is covered whit marked and unmarked mine fields.
    So I am not 100% sure that I will come back from that trip."

    Oh my! brave soul please be careful! Ah, but you look death in the face and grin with pleasure..... What bravery, unique/weird bravery that is, manifested in a quirky soul.....Damn, you are so unique

    Edit: Hey that was kind of mean, sorry, i know your feelings aren't hurt i just don't want to arouse the sympathy brigade... Also I noticed i really didn't provide much evidence for describing you as narcissistic, it's there though so if you require further clarification i can dig up a few quotes from you if you'd like, anyways, peace out
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    I will not hide that I like your post and sarcasm is on the level even for an INTJ.

    This has always been my strategy in society and social situations.
    I attack, act like a lunatic , troll , annoy others .... you name it.

    From experiance I know this is the ONLY way I can attract attention.
    And for that purpose I have developed good acting skills to help me whit that.
    Plus I am very skeptical about many social rules so I have a lot of material to help me whit this.

    If I don't do stuff like this, people avoid me because of my robotic tendencys.
    Which are quite expressed all the time. But on internet forum you can miss that impresion.(becouse of obvious reasons).
    Also I only enjoy conversation if it is about some important, complex, abstract or unusual topic.

    I am uberintrovert so I don't hang out whit other people because I don't have that need. But all people must chat whit someone at least few times a month. At least to prevent the possibility of forgeting how to do it.
    So I use this tactic to quickly smash the wall between me and other person and try not to go too far while doing it.

    Feel free to kill me if you think that this post is a lie.
    (This works for everybody else on the forum)

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    You sound like a snooze-fest.

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