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    Default ENTP Checking In!

    Hey what's up everyone!

    Yeah, I'm making this thread (and my first post) on my 22nd birthday. If that's not an omen then I don't know what is.

    Anyway, here's a short(ish) biography - I'm currently in my last year as an undergraduate university student in the USA. I'm essentially "studying" biology with an emphasis on wildlife and zoology, although we'll see how that turns out haha. I've been to and/or lived in 30-odd countries, I'm a big fan of traveling and adventuring (especially outdoors), and I'm comically lazy with everything in life that doesn't involve working out or fitness in general (funny how that works). I've actually been fascinated by typology and the MBTI system since I was about 14 or so, to the point that I've convinced friends, family, and then-girlfriends to take the test. I think my nomadic childhood bouncing around from one country to another every year shaped me a lot. Oh yeah, I'm a huge sports fan too.

    Looking forward to some stimulating and entertaining discussions here!


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    Welcome aboard chum.

    I don't know how you lasted through all those years of Biology. I hate memorization.

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