Thought I'd say hello to all.

What to say?
- I'm a pretty moderate INFP, which is a long story in itself. (Myers-Briggs had me as an INFJ, and it took me a while to decide btwn the IN's which one I most related to--I'm moderate enough [and was perhaps initially deluded enough] to relate to aspects of all 4.)
- My friends (or more likely those who know me less) most likely think I'm schizophrenic, since in my more extreme periods, I can be either intensely tuned in and emotionally 'there' or completely disconnected and 'out', depending on a lot of things.
- I love art and writing, but I lean towards writing (thus, the long-windedness).
- As I have seen others say on here, I also occasionally have hypothetical conversations in my head. Not as much anymore. I guess I am too busy with 'life'.
- I will probably lurk more than write, at least for now (partly b/c no internet at the house makes keeping up with convo's more difficult).
- I have a very ridiculously wacky sense of humor. One of the profiles on either INTP's or INFP's mentioned a "silly switch". Yup, that's about right.

Well, that's all for now. *waves*