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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort Belfry View Post
    I agree. Couldn't you photoshop something over its face so it's not so bad?
    Actually it used to be just a chicken head, I photoshopped Larry onto it for comedic effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post
    How many ENTJ's have you known?
    Well, I know, not a large sample. BUT, I've read a lot of threads by and about them and there seems to be a pretty consistent theme there which fits with the one I know. I'm sure some of the more mature ones are cool, particularly if they are not your boss.

    The common threads seem to be these:
    - They seem to like conflict, which forces people who don't like it to either escape or behave unnaturally and fight back
    - They intentionally put people in positions where they have to stand up for themselves, which causes anxiety. They seem not to care if it causes this anxiety. It's like they think they can do whatever they want and it's up to us to check them if we don't like it. There's no consideration given to restraining themselves in the first place.
    - They seem to think that we should all be glad that they are leading us. There is a paternalistic attitude going on there, like they know what's best for us. They don't.
    - They seem quite dictatorial, but don't really understand that we see it that way. They call it "leadership".
    - The constant need to have things done their way
    - 90% have angry and/or aggressive avatars: gunfighters, generals, drill sergeants, etc. What does that tell you?

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    Hey Meatbot, are you Pinoy (or Pinay), a fan of exotic delicacies, or just a huge anti/fan of Larry King?

    BTW, meatwad would be perfect for your av. And it would be so me...and that's important.

    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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