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Cool beans. And pleased to meet you as well.

So what are your thoughts now regarding type? It is a theory after all. Plenty of criticisms out there.

I'd love to hear more about the Gifted and Talented group. I've read quite a bit about intelligence theory (also propelled by personal experience - that's a different story.)
I am disarmed and am quite happy to listen to you tell me all about type.

In the G&T group I learnt about OE (over excitability), or as I would prefer to say, high response to stimulae. And so I have OE. Usually it is quite nice but sometimes, because I respond so quickly, it can take someone by surprise.

I first noticed your style of writing and it seemed to me to be spontaneous and responsive. And so naturally I wanted you to write to me like that.

I write from my inner self and I find this satisfying. Sometimes though it takes me off topic but they are kind to me and just move me to a new topic. However from my point of view the integrity of my inner self is more important than staying on topic. Although this is not usually understood or appreciated.

Of course I would love you to understand and appreciate my inner self, and perhaps typing me and yourself is a step in this direction.

Good to hear from you.