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    Hi, I am new here and am only just learning now about these different personality types. I was actually looking for a test to determine what kind of jobs would be good for my personality, so I googled for a test and ended up getting a personality test. It was some quick 4 question test ( which I thought theres no way this thing could determine your type accurately with just 4 question that were so vague) and it called me a harmony seeking idealist.

    I then looked that up and found this description which calls it an INFJ. The description is almost perfect for me which seemed odd because I was pretty skeptical about it all considering the test I took wanted you to pay for a more detailed result so I thought it was another one of those scams. But it was pretty accurate so I looked up INFJ and found information on these 16 personality types. I tried another test with 50+ questions and got INFJ as a result, but I kinda felt some of the questions could have sometimes been answered either way depending on what information or experience I wanted to use to answer it. While looking for more info on INFJ's I stumbled upon this site. I was going to ask if there was a test that is recommended here but I searched through the forums and found a "whats my type" subforum and uses that "quick guide to double checking your type" to determine I am INFJ after all according to that.

    And so that is my story. Its been interesting reading all the things about INFJ that I can relate to. I love psychology and understanding these types of things. I will try to learn more about all of these types so you might see me around here asking a question or something. And thats pretty much it. Sorry for rambling but I thought it better to just explain why I'm here.

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    I would also like to take the oppertunity to ask, where can I find more information about the different types and the thing I keep seeing all over the forums like Ne Fi Fe dom and all those little abbreviations? Theres a lot of threads where I just have no idea what theyre talking about. And there seems to be many different variations of the different types. I found some other test on here that explained the numberd w ones. I came out with a 4w3 although i I couldnt really relate to the description of the 3. 4w5 would seem much more accurate according to the sites descriptions. How can I find out about those other things though. the short abbreviations that people use. Im trying to find out a lot more about INFJ's to find out more about myself. Id like to try to pinpoint my exact type if its possible.

    Edit: Scratch that request I found it here

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