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    welcome back
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Thanks everyone. Life is busy as hell lately, but I'll definitely get back to posting when I have the free time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    Mate, I'm pretty sure everyone in the US has got some family in Ireland!
    Yes, the Irish certainly know how to get around... *cough*

    Quote Originally Posted by Oakysage View Post
    Ah, it was words of ivory was it? I pondered about you yesterday as I was in a conversation about specific types of INFJs and wanted to mention you within one of the given INFJ group circles but I could not remember your username for the life of me. Welcome back sir.
    Uuuh... really? O.o

    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    You're welcome here as long as you don't vote for Sinn Féin or any party collaborating with them.
    No worries there. =P


    "Life calls out the meaning of pure jubilance,
    if you'll only take the time to hear it."
    ~ Words of Ivory ~

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