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    Default Hello, from a transplant

    I've posted on and off at INTPc for a while now, but what with the lack of things that interest me over there and few new posts, I figured I would try here.

    Rather than writing a narrative of my many virtues and many more failings, here's a quick rundown...

    I'm 25.
    I have a penis.
    I live in AZ but travel around the SW regularly for work and play.
    I teach people how to teach people how to build trails, rock walls, etc. and how to be badass at camping.
    I climb rocks, mountain bike, run, hike, and take bad photos of uninteresting things.
    I also do a whole lot of nothing. Like now.
    I have a degree in environmental history. And a minor in Indian (dot) history.
    I want to go back to school for something more profitable.

    My face is this one:

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    Welcome to the forums. We hope you find them entertaining.

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