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Thread: Hi :)

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    Default Hi :)

    Hey everyone. I stumbled on this site because I am feeling some frustration at work and would like to know how to better develop S & J skills.

    I am an ENFP with 50% "F" and "I", so I can go either way. I rarely go to "I", but I do float back and forth between "F" and "T".

    I would also like to mention that I recently took the test again and am now and ENTJ.

    What's the validity in your stats changing over the years? I never thought I would be able to put on a "J" hat, but I am working in an environment where S and J are highly desirable.


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    Sure. Your ideology can change over time or you can adapt to certain challenges, thus changing your type. I wouldn't see any issue with that, but normal as a growing human.
    "Others should not judge what you truly are, instead you should find yourself. You may find yourself in a bowl of cereal or dreaming of the unknown, but make sure it is you who finds you." - Myself

    Extroverted (E) 56.76% Introverted (I) 43.24%
    Intuitive (N) 64.29% Sensing (S) 35.71%
    Thinking (T) 62.5% Feeling (F) 37.5%
    Perceiving (P) 75% Judging (J) 25%

    9w8 SP/SX

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