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    Default You sound more like an ISFP to me...

    Are you sure you aren't an ISFP???

    Quote Originally Posted by Leysing View Post
    So... um... hello!

    First of all, don't be pissed off because of my minor (and major) grammatical mistakes, as English is far from my mother language.

    I think I'm a pretty good mix of INFP and INTP.

    Idealist? Yes. And proud of it.
    Intuitive? Yes.
    Strong values? Yes.
    Loner? Yes.
    Disorganized? Less or more.
    Artistic? Yes.
    Dreamer? Yes.
    Private? Yes.

    Easy-going? Yes. Very.
    Amenable? Yes.
    Reserved? Yes.
    Thinker? Yes.
    Theoretical? Yes.
    Analytical? Yes. (Teachers call me that.)
    Logical? Yes. If I want to ;D
    System-building? Yes. Certainly.
    Solitary? Yes.
    Rule breaker? Yes. I'm a mental-stage rebel.

    Hmm... Perhaps I could tell something more about myself.

    I'm a high school student living in Finland.

    My greatest passion are horses (especially the Icelandic gaiter ones), I have done horseback riding half of my life, and I'm aiming to study horse agriculture in a few years - Bachelor's degree in Farming industries. (Guys, call me The Agrologist.)

    I'm artistic: I love playing instruments, I play guitar and have three of them, I love listening to music, I love drawing & painting, I love photographing (our whole house is full, from floor to ceiling, of my drawings and pictures of horses ). I have been drawing since I just could hold a pen in my hand. I sometimes get frustrated being the only artistic person in our home (yes, I still live with my parents, preparing to move off during the next two years).

    Though I am sometimes (but not so much I could say "often") a bit sentimental and illogical, I love science, especially the natural sciences. As I was a child, my all-time greatest dream was to study nature in the future "when I will be a big person" I sadly had little chance of getting near real nature because we lived near to a big city ("big" in the Finnish scale ). Well, we moved, and now I live in countryside in the middle of dense, coniferous, right-now-snowy forest (and just guess if I kind of love it). It would be quite perfect if we just had someone with some horses nearby ;D

    I guess that's all.

    Preparing to discuss.
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, oil your brain, before it starts to rust...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BookLady View Post
    Are you sure you aren't an ISFP???
    Pretty sure. I have an extremely strong intuition.

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