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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuggletron View Post
    welcome to the brotherhood

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    There is no such thing as an INFP/INTP hybrid. The two types are further apart than you might first suspect. The only letter that can make things vaguely hybridlike is the I/E one. That is one border where the lines are fairly grey, and it may boil down to preference and understanding of certain key situations to see which side you lean towards. And can even be more introverted one day and more extraverted the next.

    But you won't be INTP one day and INFP the next. That's pretty much impossible. :>

    The Ti/Fi difference just isn't always that obvious. But you're definately either one or the other. Not a bit of both. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy_smiley2 View Post
    The wandering mind is both a beautiful and worrisome thing. I have a question for you. Well, maybe two. Who and what do you teach? Also, why and how often do you regret not taking a more practical line of study? I'm at a little bit of a crossroad right now and I'm not sure of anything. =/

    Questions, I like them. Thank you so much for asking.

    1. Who and what do I teach? Well, I am currently teaching first grade. I teach mostly reading, math and writing.

    However, before that I taught fourth grade, all subjects. I loved teaching Science and History the most. In first grade I often struggle to communicate with my students. It has taken me three years just to learn to speak on a six year old level!

    2. Why I sometimes regret not taking a more practical line of study? Mainly...politics. People in higher offices, often with less education, making decisions that shape the future of my students, that shape the way I teach. Sometimes, the decisions teachers are required to abide by are not helpful and do not work in the real nuts and bolts world of the classroom. Sometimes, I feel like our classrooms are just big social experiments and I take solice in the fact that regardless of "the system" I am still making a positive influence on lives.

    I originally went to school on an art scholarship and a merit scholarship. I was planning to become a commercial artist, but one of my professors, an educator of fifty years, convinced me that I should become a teacher. Other than Art, I loved English, Linguistics and all things Biology. When I first graduated with my BA. I was having difficulty getting a job in my community because it's a small southern town, ruled by families with old money and it was very difficult to get my foot in the door, because whenever a job opened, it usually went to somebody who was somebody. So, I waited and while I waited I was an assistant to a radiologist who presistently told me I should have gone into medicine. He had me seriously considering going back to school, to med school, and then...I got a job offer. I did go back to school, but not to med school. I went to graduate school and took more classes in educational theory and psychology. I'm not sure they actually helped me to become a better teacher. I think classroom experience, trial and error, has helped me the most. It takes three years of actual teaching, just to really learn how to do it. Nothing is as easy at it looks! haha.

    How often do I regret it? About once or twice a month. I have been thinking lately about maybe moving into the realm of higher education, about pursuing a Ph.D and career as a professor. But I get a little discouraged about it, because I know that a Ph.D. would mean investing more money and jumping through more hoops. Degrees don't really make us smarter, they just show that we were willing to leap more hurdles and sink more money into higher education. But...if I ever want to teach at a university, it's a bullet I will have to bite and swallow.

    However, as a service to my school district, I am currently undergoing training as a translator/interpreter and perhaps moving into the linguistics arena. I've always had a knack for languages and as a translator for the state, I would still be helping young people and families.

    Again, thank you so much for asking and I hope my response was not too long winded.

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    welcome! to test whether you are an INTP or an INFP answer this clever question:

    Choose a door!

    Door #1: Pudding, Glitter, Unicorns
    Door #2: Unsolved differential equations

    Choose wisely.... Or you can go with the mystery box! There could be a boat in here!

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