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Thread: Hello :)

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    Greetings to you, Paamu! *wave*
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    I am frankly amazed at the excellence with which you and other English-as-another-language-speakers communicate on this forum. It puts those of us (like me!) who know only one language to shame!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paamu View Post
    Hello, feel welcome to guess my type.

    I'm a guy from Sweden.
    Hmm, I'm not very good at english, please endure.

    I did the MBTI test recently.
    Wow, I got so scared! The description about my personality was incredibly accurate!

    The MBTI-stuff really got all my attention, it was amazing! WOW! Time and space flew away I totally forgot to eat and sleep, my stomach tried to remind several times but I ignored it, I wanted to learn more!

    After being awake for 30 hours, the amount of new information decreased, then I noticed what time it was, I started to feel sick, cause I was extremly hungry and thristy and needed to go to the bathroom a very long time ago. o_o

    MBTI got me quiet hooked.

    I am a very sensitive person who is very intrested in understanding other people, because I really hate to hurt people.
    My friends have told me many times that I spend way too much time thinking about what has happened and what might happen, and that im always dreaming.

    The thoughts that often run thru my head are: "I have a feeling that person misunderstood me. what if... I had said that instead, would the outcome be better? Did I make the wrong move? Did that person got hurt when I said that? I'll try to be more kind to that person, we meet."

    I'm very shy to girls and I'm bad at formulating sentances when I talk directly to a person. I prefer to display that I like a person by being relaxed and smile at that person.

    //offtopic starts here.
    I recently there has been a girl who tried her best to show her intrest in me. We both practice Aikido a very "kind" Martial Art, which mainly consist of throws.

    I am easily affected by other peoples emotions and when I practice with someone who is relaxed and carefree, I can relax too.

    But when this girl walks up to me it becomes dead silent, I can't think up anything to say to her. (I dunno why, but it might be because I usually listen to people I don't know well.) Still the atmosphere between us is very warm, she is very cute, we just smile at each other and continue to practice the technique.

    For the first 3 months, I had no problem with that, but suddenly she forced herself to say "Oh... you, have.. had your hair cut, right?". I totally sunk back into myself, (What she spoke!?, wow, did she just compliment me!?) I couldn't even look at her direction and to make it worse: the technique we practiced consisted her standing very close holding me still. It might just been a brief moment, but in my world the silence lasted forever. I couldn't think up anything to say, so I raised my head and responded with an non-existent word "Ha!" and smiled without looking into her eyes.

    I spend days reflecting on this very moment. I was so suprised, she acctually spoke to me! Wow, It feels like a punch in the face would do less harm.

    I couldn't think of anything to say to her... my mind always went blank everytime I saw her. It felt like everytime we practiced she tried to show her intrest, we always had a very tense atmosphere, I just became mute and tried smile. I wanted to say please relax, but I was totally unable to.

    One day I decided that I couldn't live with these problems, I had to get to know her so I could make a decision. Cause we had not even told our names to each other after all this time!

    Luckily there was an Aikido weekend camp, a perfect chance to get to know her, I thought. I tried my best to make contact and to get to know her. (Suddenly I spoke!) She had trouble responding, and she is always walking in a group with two of her close friends. They continued the discussion with me while the girl I was intrested in just listened. When I think back, since this weekend she has been very evasive and hasn't showed me any intrest or even said "Hi".

    Now its been exactly 2 weeks since she last grasped strength to show intrest.
    I dunno if she has totally lost her intrest, but I have tried to speak and ask her questions to release the very tense atmosphere we have between us. But she has only been very evasive, exactly like I was before.

    Last time we practiced she was able to ask questions about the technique, we are still unable to have a relaxed atmosphere. She is either afraid or look up to me, I dunno.. everytime I open my mouth she become quiet as the grave and listen. She seems to dislike when I come to her and speak directly to her, so I think it's best I let her be alone.

    Anyways, lol I really wandered of... sorry. I believe some of you can guess my personality type now. ^^;
    Hi I am from Australia a ISFJ/P also amazed by how accurate MBTI is,I would say ENFP?

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    Hi, again!
    I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome!

    Wow, you are amazing!
    I'm an INFP and I think most you got me or was close,
    thank you for your thoughts and time! ^_^

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    Okay, feel welcome and start some massive posting
    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

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    Hi and welcome to MBTIc, Paamu.

    I think your English is excellent. It's certainly much better than my Swedish.

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    Hello and welcome Paamu!

    I'm also swedish! Hope you'll enjoy this place as much as I have.
    By the sound of your name i'd have guessed you were finnish though?
    Are you also from up north? I'm currently residing in Boden (A few miles from Lulea. Can't write swedish letters on here, they will cutt off the message and delete anything that comes after it).

    Have a good time, dude!

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    hello and welcome paamu.

    Perhaps don't throw the poor girl too much, or she'll get confused. INFPs tend to confuse girls.

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    Thanks for all the welcomes.

    Hi, YourLocalJesus!
    Well I'm half-finnish, but I don't understand a word!
    Paamu is how my name is pronounce japanese, パーム (Pa~mu).
    I live south of sweden, between the lakes.

    (hehe it's possible to write with kana! )

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    Hey Paamu, ooh, maybe we can practice Japanese together and I can drop my class next quarter and slack off instead of doing vocab drills everyday.

    It's nice seeing more folks outside the US joining the forum. In addition to Mr.LocalJesus, there's relatively good representation from Scandanavia (and 'Norther Europe') here.

    So, your name is Pam? Pom? Or is that being to nosy?

    I think as an INFP you'll really like it here (at least...the other INFPs here don't' seem to mind much hahahhaha)
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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