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    Lightbulb Just want to know my type...neurotic is not a type.

    Hello. For a very short introduction I will say that I am Female, 30 years old and a bit confused about where I stand on the type thing. I took tests before that told me I was an INTJ. My father was absolutely a brilliant INTJ with what we now think was a bit of autism thrown in. Me, I just don't know...

    Here's a question:
    Do disorders and such play into what your "type" is? Or do you have a "real" type underneath your autism, ADHD, whatever else is wrong with you, etc.

    Back to my point: a list of unique traits/behaviors that I know about myself

    As a child: (Contrary to what you will read I had very strict smart parents who did their best!)

    -Diagnosed with ADHD (10 y.o)
    -Always in trouble for behaving/not sitting still/talking at school
    -Read and wrote stories at an extraordinary grade level by kindergarten (middle school level)
    -Spoke with adult-like vocabulary
    -Poor impulse control
    -Extremely talkative
    -Loved being with other kids
    -Teased/Harassed from 5th through 12th grade by some boys and girls
    -Wasn't coordinated or attentive enough to play sports
    -Loved to draw (especially at school on my papers)
    -Couldn't do math to save my life after 4th grade
    -Loved to learn outside of school
    -Enjoyed being outside more than anything
    -Fought back (not physically but verbally and mentally) against anyone especially teachers and adults who I sensed tried to control me too much
    -Tested as having a 143 IQ at age 13
    -Totally disorganized
    -My grades ranged between A's and F's by middle school
    -Hard time making friends, but more easily with boys than girls from a young age.
    -Hated school by 9th grade
    -Thisclose to not graduating high school.


    -Enjoy thinking about theories, talking about psychology, ideas, advertising etc.
    -Can not do small talk
    -Seem to not be able to make friends with anyone except very odd people, liars and crazies, and still can't find anyone who likes to talk about the same things.
    -I love my family and they are very important to me now, where as before I wanted to travel and see things
    -I have learned how to "fake" some small talk if I try REALLY hard, but hate it
    -Finally got organized and motivated enough to go to college while working at 22 graduated at 27 with bachelors degree. Still only had a 2.5 GPA (and btw feel like a loser because most people I meet that I have things in common with have their Masters or PHD and have wonderful jobs and get to be with people like themselves more often)
    -Have been told by some ex-coworkers that I am "very smart and blunt in a non-rude way"
    -Still bossy if you give me a chance to be in charge
    -Find a lot of connection and patterns in things that others do not
    -Much more organized
    -Love to hear all about different things and learn new information. There was an 80's movie (Batteries Not Included?) where the robot says "Input! Need more input!" and my husband laughs and says that it's me
    -Opinionated but open to a logical rational debate/argument if someone wants to change my mind and has evidence to present
    -Hate history, but love to read historical-world-fiction books (story is first person point of view, based in other countries to learn about that time and place)
    -Like "dorky boy" things a little too much: Had a short love affair with anime in my early 20's as well as World of Warcraft while I was still finishing college. I like to try and fix things-for a project in college I fixed an old-school Nintendo while I narrated the process for Public Speaking
    -I read Wired, National Geographic and Discover (where most of my conversation material comes from) and love HGTV online
    -I enjoy logic puzzles and problem solving
    -Many people seem to think I am not very smart (actually dumb) when they first meet me. (maybe I smile too much because I don't want them to think i'm unfriendly, and I don't talk a lot because I know they only expect small talk?)
    -I have social anxiety that developed over time
    -I am VERY introspective and it has helped me to change myself and my life through my 20's
    -I am obviously still neurotic (as I just realized) but this has decreased over time and I care less what people think as long as I am not hated at work.
    -I finally began to find God in a REAL way at age 20, yet at this point feel church really only does something for those who enjoy the social aspect of it, rather then being the most effective method for monitoring your actions and thoughts, and applying the lessons to your own situations. I can do that in my own living room with my husband reading from the Bible on Sundays while we wear PJ's, drink coffee, and are comfortable enough to really LISTEN and think about how to use the lessons.

    I'm sorry that was WAY too long. Unfortunately, I think most of this info is needed for a clear picture. Maybe i'm just looking more for a psychologist today. (half joking...)

    Please let me know if you have an idea about my type, I am still working on myself and the only way to do so, is to know more about who I am.

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    You sound a whole lot like me. I'm a female ENTP. Maybe you are an ENTP?

    Actually, this whole post absolutely reeks of Ne/Ti. If you don't know about Jungian functions and how they relate to MBTI, maybe this link will help.

    But yeah, I'd bet money on ENTP.

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    Totally! I'm betting my left brain hemisphere on ENTP.

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    To your question: I think in the case of things like autism and adhd, sometimes the traits of the disorder are discongruent from the person, but sometimes the traits are interwoven with your entire unique wiring.

    My collection of difficulties and weirdness lines up with "a dash of autism", and it is interwoven with me in a way such that there is no 'real me' behind it. But I do think that things like that will interfere with what the tests tell you or what the percentages are. Like, I had to be careful with the I/E divide and make sure that the test wasn't mistaking my difficulty with socializing with introverted energy. Taking this into account, I am only mildy introverted.

    To your first description: it says very little about your type, but it does reveal an extraordinary case of twice-exceptionalism as a child

    To your second description: I think you are ENTP too, overall points that direction. I see how you would test INTJ though. But you seem a little more ENTP than INTJ to me.

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    Wow. Thanks for that. I wouldn't have thought that initially, but seeing everything laid out in a list and then reading the description I suppose it makes sense.

    Twice Exceptional-this turned out to be really accurate! I suppose I can't put that on my resume or explain it to anyone besides family though. If I was to verbalize this to most people, it seems like it would sound almost sounds like bragging, while feeling sorry for yourself at the same time or making excuses for your weaknesses. I've learned from ADHD, to just NOT talk about it with most people, because they don't believe in it anyway.

    I read over the description of this, I wonder how it should be legal to have children who are like this go through a normal public school. By law, there should be another way... Hopefully by now, children who are like I was are being diagnosed more accurately and taken out of those places to be homeschooled and such.

    Nice to see that no one said I was just plain crazy either. Thanks again

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