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    Default Hi everyone! :waves:

    Hey folks,

    I'm new here (obviously). I work in education and am doing some M-B stuff with my students...whenever I do that, I get horribly sucked in to reading more and more about it. I've lurked about here a bit before, but this time decided to actually register and say hello.

    I'm an ENFJ. Not terribly high on the J, but pretty solidly in the E, N, and F categories. I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, though when I was *younger* (in my teens and twenties), I definitely had some of the ENFJ clingy/neediness/begging for assurance stuff going on. I've been really focusing on not ignoring my own needs for the last 18 mos or so, and also on making sure I get enough private, down-time.

    I'm dating an ISTP and it's going remarkably well. Guess from that you can tell I'm not overly needy, right? We've been dating about 8 mos and there has been little (if any) conflict, especially once I realized that he needs to disappear once in a while. He's a wonderful guy.

    Ok. That's enough for now. Nothing's TMI for me, so ask away if you have questions! Otherwise, see you around, perhaps!

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    Hi Tricksie Welcome, glad to meet you.
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    Great to see an ENFJ around. I happen to know one of you guys pretty well, and she's a great person through and through.
    Enneagram: 5w4 5-9-2 (5w4 9w1 2w1) sp/so

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