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    Yep, socionics INFJ is INFP.

    I like the socionics description of INFj myself, and I'm an NFP.

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    The "who am I?" identity crisis sounds remarkably enneagram 4, which should place you as either an INFP, ISFP, INFJ or even an INTJ. But I'd focus more on the first three.

    As opposed to those ridiculous 50 to 100 question tests, just try to understand each function and figure it out:

    I'd say read up about each type on multiple web sites. Also, pay attention to how your mind works and then compare it to your studies on each function type.

    MBTI is broken up, not only into introverted and extraverted, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, judging and perceiving... but works like this as well: Introverted Feeling, extroverted feeling.... introverted thinking, extroverted thinking, introverted intuition, extroverted intuition, etc. etc. You can google search and read up on each of the individual functions, or even find a book on the topic if you're really interested.

    ISFP's and INFP's are introverted feelers (Fi), first and foremost. However, they differ in the auxiliary of either extroverted sensing or extroverted intuition. But sometimes these two types will get confused, and it's because ISFP's also have a tertiary introverted intuition (Ni) and INFP's have a tertiary introverted sensing (Si). Going back to the auxiliary though, the Ne or Se, Se in ISFP's will often lead them to take off with the wind or to take in the skyline in an emotional way. Ne in INFP's are more likely to take into consideration the various meanings of the sun, and because of this are more likely to write prose and poetry.

    INFJ's are introverted intuition (Ni), first and foremost. Relying on extroverted feeling (Fe) second.
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