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    Long story short, I'm somewhat mystified about typing myself. I'm going to start a thread in what's my type and go from there. I've been studying various personality systems for almost five years now, and I'm in a peculiar place in regard to such. For whatever reason I decided to make an account on this forum and see what sort of input I get from you all.

    Things I do know about my 'type':
    - Enneagram: 8 makes the most sense, especially in terms of regression and progression. I perhaps am in an odd sort of regression / introspective state right now, trying to comprehend things

    - MBTI: In terms of I/E and N/T, I've consistently tested in variation - the earliest tests I can remember from when I was in primary school (I'm now in graduate school), I actually scored dead even on both of those dichotomies. I've "typed" (actually taken the MB test) as ISTP, INTJ, ESTJ, and ENTJ. I would lean towards rational, but I'm not sure. I'm heavily T>F.

    I feel like one of my biggest questions right now is that I don't actually know what own social persona is. I have been both over the top gregarious and extremely reserved. Nowadays, I find some of my choices as far as what i want to do and how I want to live life being less mainstream, so that is another influence. I'd like to, in the process of my interactions here, 'learn more about myself', particularly my natural self. I'm conflicted in the sense that I feel I understand many different ways of being and interacting, but I don't know who I am, or if I have one that I really prefer, or what. It's sort of like having two dominant hands, or multiple sets of psychological functioning, and not being sure which to apply, or which will ultimately result in my happiness.

    I imagine that from my writing here I sound "more NT", but, I don't particularly know if that's the case.

    See you "what's my type"

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    ExTJ, x being a placeholder until more information is given. They are the most common matches with E8 and there's nothing else to go on so there you go! Whatever the case it won't tell you who you are it'll just label you. I'll check out your typeme thread. WELCOME

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